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tonyv420 08-04-2012 2:19 PM

prop for 2004 centurion avalanche
just curios what people think is the best prop for wakesurfing on this boat? I just noticed my 4 blade says 13L13 on it and I cant tell who makes it. Sometimes its cavitating thru the chop while we ride. it also has this # on it 635104

tonyv420 08-04-2012 2:21 PM

sorry the other # is 635103

volzalum 08-04-2012 4:27 PM

You will probably get better responses to this question in the centurioncrew.com forums

h20king 08-04-2012 4:31 PM

Tony the word for your boat is an Acme 911. If you want to stay with a four blade I have a spare just let me know and we will put it on before Shasta

xstarrider 08-04-2012 5:11 PM

Depending in your engine tranny combo the Acme 3 blade is the prop of choice for the merc rows ports standard engine on the older 200-2007 boats. The 3 blade has more surface area, more torque and a smoother response than that 13X13 4 blade from the factory. Call Acme for the 3 blade number but I think it's a 653

espritv8 08-05-2012 8:20 AM

I had and acme 525 when i bought it and it's fine, but I run relatively low on weight compared to some guys on this forum.

h20king 08-05-2012 9:00 AM

Tony as much weight as you run the Acme three blade 911 is the prop you want for your set up.Get in touch with shell at centurion they have a couple left for $250

xstarrider 08-05-2012 7:12 PM

Now that Harold said the 911. I believe that's the prop because that number rings a bell.

boardjnky4 08-06-2012 6:37 AM


Originally Posted by xstarrider (Post 1773697)
Now that Harold said the 911. I believe that's the prop because that number rings a bell.

hey man, I know this is totally off-topic, but i haven't gotten a response from you in PMs about that amp. Shoot me an email if you want to make a deal on one of them. maniaci.thomas@gmail.com

tonyv420 08-06-2012 11:51 AM

Sounds like I need the 911, Harold is your 911 a 3 blade? Lets try it at Shasta!

h20king 08-06-2012 7:05 PM

Tony I just have a spare four blade which you are more than welcome to. If you want a 911 you will have to order one

packrat 08-06-2012 9:58 PM

Here you go. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.p...-wakeboarding/

tonyv420 08-06-2012 10:54 PM

thanks harold, as of now I have the 13x13 4 blade and a 515 3 blade, guess I’m gonna have to buy a third!

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