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cheesydog 08-03-2012 12:43 AM

Pulled/Torn Rib muscle?
Ugh.. on the injury list AGAIN this year.

This time I think its a pulled or more likely torn rib muscle. Was riding boat and during the warm up portion of my set I got bucked off the wake and went off axis, I yanked super hard on the line to get my board under me, and heard this "pop" sound and instant pain over my left rib. Hurt like a bitch..

Been about a month and it feels like it is healing SLOOOOW.

Anybody else had this and how long before they were back on the water?

Ive got a comp in about 2 weeks but at this rate doesn't seem likely I could do it.

Bumpass1 08-03-2012 3:59 AM

I had something similar towards the end of last season. It bothered me for about 3 weeks before I got it X-rayed. Nothing broke but still very painful. It went on for about 3 months. I was at the chiropractor for my back and mentioned it to him. He felt around on my sternum and said that I had a rib that had shifted out of place. He did some kind of quick ninja finger punch to my chest that hurt like hell. 2 days later no more rib pain.

Mahoney86 08-03-2012 4:48 AM

took a spill about a month ago and similar things happened except i broke 3 ribs pulled something in my back and chest also... Took about 2 weeks of just driving the boat, I tried taking pulls but it wasnt worth it... The 3 week i said screw it I can't take not riding anymore and just delt with it...Ribs and muscles still hurt depending if I lay on them or pull a certain way but its bare able, and no way I'm taking anymore time off the water.

Ribs and muscles take a long time to heal so basically whenever the pain is bearable enough for you, just suck it up and go ride... eventually one morning it'll just be away

travis_briscoe 08-03-2012 10:46 AM

Ya man, the rib injuries are no fun! I took a strange fall last year where I hit my left part of my torso on the water while twisting a bit and popped something. I've been very fortunate to almost never get any injuries wakeboarding, but this one was no joke. Immediately afterward I could tell something was out of place and sort of stretched a certain way and felt it pop back to how it was. Over the next couple of days I accidentally did some movements that popped whatever it was back out, and it hurt like a beotch! Got it x-rayed, no broken bones, just some torn soft tissue.
When I started riding again, I used a rib belt to help secure everything in place and help prevent it from popping out anymore. I would definitely recommend using one of these when you start riding again. You may be ok to ride in 2 weeks, it just depends on how you feel, and try to take it kind of easy on your first set. It took months before it started feeling almost normal again, to where I didn't use the belt. So expect a slow healing process, unfortunately. Good luck man!

hoss33 08-03-2012 3:24 PM

Same thing this time last year for me. Had it x-rayed no broke ribs just like some of these other guys, but couldn't ride for a little over a month. Now got a golf ball size knot of scar tissue were it all grew back from my ribs to my sternum. I would imagine you to be good to go for your comp in a few weeks.
Good luck hope ya heal up in time!

snork 08-03-2012 6:40 PM

Don't forget to breath no matter how much it hurts
and have someone get you to laugh like crazy
you'll be good as new in a couple of months

nick_in_ssp 08-04-2012 8:35 AM

I pulled the same lower rib deal earlier this summer running the slalom course on a cut from left to right. It wasn't even on a fall of any sort. After 2 weeks I started wake boarding again and it didn't bother me much to ride. Another 2 weeks later I started to run the course again and it is like I don't even use that muscle skiing, WTF!!! About 2 months after it happened I don't feel a thing in that area, so back to my 100%

Vxmine 08-05-2012 7:55 PM

Just had this happen this weekend. Didn't fall hard, just fell with my arm extended out and my left side exposed. As soon as I hit the water, my lower left ribs popped and started hurting. Got back on the boat and definitely knew something was wrong.

Every time I bend my torso something pops and pain shoots through my lower left ribs. As so as I straighten up, it pops and stops hurting.

Hopefully, this will only last a few weeks. I may go to the doctor tomorrow just to check everything.


HighWater 08-06-2012 6:01 AM

didnt read anything but the title, because it brings back to much painful memories, but research "Costachondral Seperation", its where you literally rip the rib from the cartilage that attaches the rib to the sternum. Talk about pain, can sit up, twist or breath without whincing in pain for 2 weeks. I did this last year on a hucked backroll, and now my rib protrudes about an inch higher than my opposite side. My rib is now sitting on top of my cartilage and has fused together that way. Quite fuggin annoying, but just live with it, no fix...**** good luck at even finding a Doc that knows more about it then what I just typed above. far worse than the titanium plate on my left tibia

cheesydog 08-07-2012 1:59 AM

yeh that all sounds like what Ive been able to find on the web, unfortunately just seems like rib injuries heal slow..

I took a ride at the cable couple days ago, not too bad, but I had to take it easy just kicker and obstacle stuff. Didn't try any air tricks, I figure I need to leave that at least another week or so

The good thing is at least cable is less demanding on your body than boat

voler 08-07-2012 2:44 AM

Thats awful! I think you should just give your ribs a rest. A good 1 week rest since you have a comply coming up soon in 2 weeks time. Some times, too much of something is no good.

HighWater 08-07-2012 5:39 AM

I had an MRI done, which showed the rib completely seperated from the sternum, took me 12 weeks before I could lift more then 10lbs. Its not a pain like breaking a bone, but much worse. Its now moves and crunches as I rotate and flex my torso.

scotthons 08-07-2012 8:33 AM

I hurt my rib as well two summers ago, but not nearly to the extent as it sounds like some other guys. It was tender for a few weeks, but then it seemed ok. For a long time I never saw anyone injure this area of their body and then we had 3 in two years within our crew.

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