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Kerry 08-02-2012 9:49 AM

Jamming big toe - bindings fit great, toe buckling maybe?
So I bought a new Ronix One setup at the beginning of this year. Heat molded the bindings twice and felt like these things were fitting perfectly. Then I jammed/buckled my big toe about 3 weeks ago attempting a scarecrow landing to far on my heels obviously. Felt like I broke it, couldnít even move it. Taped up the toe and was riding a few days later. Seemed like things were fine until this past weekend I definitely did it again and kept riding. I know Iím probably just reinjuring it but I canít stop riding. I can tape up the toe good and it helps but this really has me thinking of going back to open toe boots like the Kaiís. My salesman said we should try packing the right foot binding out so my toe has a tad more room and maybe doesnít buckle. Iím a size 10.5-11 shoe and my oneís are size 10. I really feel that they fit perfectly. At this point I just think open toe will eliminate any more toe problems. Guess Iím just looking for some feedback on whether more room in the toes could help? I realize landing better would help too but sometimes you donít always do a trick completely right.

JoLo_Si 08-02-2012 2:21 PM

How tight are your bottom laces? Ronix have that "feet belt" that is hidden and is attached to the bottom set that should hold you from sliding forward because it goes accross the front of your ancle. My problem is if I tighten that so I'm completly locked in it sqeezes the sides of my feet and they start aching.

mikeski 08-02-2012 5:22 PM

I can only ride open toe bindings, my style is not pure enough to keep from jamming my toes.

wakereviews 08-02-2012 5:27 PM

had to have surgery on my toe a few years ago from this very same issue. Jammed it a few times on new bindings, thought they'd break in so kept riding. Eventually broke the hell out of my big toe enough that I had to have surgery.

jsw 08-02-2012 7:17 PM

ive been doing this alot this season as well. never before did i use to jam my big toe until this year. this was in my old ronix bindings (the closed toes kais). i just got the new harley setup and so far i havent had this issue. i think my old ones were too packed out, and there was too much wiggle room. when i took a hard fall, my left big toe would jam. this normally happened coming up short on tantrums.

^^ian, i was really worried i broke mine like u did. couldnt bend it well for a few weeks, but i continued to ride on it anyway. then a few weeks later jammed it again. i just stopped trying tantrums, and it finally healed. im going to be easy on it now that you had that experience though.

Kerry 08-03-2012 8:43 AM

Boy you guys sure make me think about open toes. Just doesn't seem worth the risk having that bit of extra control. I will say I can't remember how tight I had the bottom laces when I initially jammed it. However, since the first injury i have tightened them down thinking that this should help. We'll see how this weekend goes riding. Sucks, I really like my one's. They took a bit of getting used to but fit great. So you guys thinking packing them out might be a bad idea? I guess i will find out. My thinking is that with a bit more room and keep the laces tightened down this should prevent my big toe from buckling.

bcd 08-03-2012 9:05 AM

I just got the one bindings over the winter. I wear a size 12 shoe, and have size 12 bindings. I previously had the Hyperlite Team closed toe bindings. I never had any issues with them. My One bindings fit a lot more snug and have been great all year. Recently, it feels like my big toe is hitting, more so on my left foot (which is bigger). I kind of felt it last weekend, and my toe hurt at night, but it didn't really bother me when riding. I went out Tuesday night and after a couple of jumps, my toe immediately started hurting. It got to be a pretty annoying pain after about 10 minutes. I haven't been back out to see if it's gotten better or worse. I'm wondering if I either aggrevated it on a landing, or if my bindings have packed out enough to allow my foot to slide forward enough to contact. I have had several hard impacts on scarecrow attempts also, where I've gotten around, but landed only my left leg.

Kerry 08-03-2012 9:55 AM

Maybe I'm confused about what exactly a toe jam is. Does it mean your foot slides forward and your toe staying straight gets jammed into the joint? In my case my toe touches the end of the boot and so i believe it is buckling (bending to much from my foot moving forward. Just curious, Maybe with more room my toe would actually stay straight. Sorry if that sounds retarded haha.

irishrider92 08-03-2012 10:33 AM

When you heat molded them, did you crank down the laces? I'm pretty sure you're meant to only tighten them a bit, about half way, and then crank them down when you ride. Also it may make sense to try a larger size binding if your toes are touching the front

Kerry 08-03-2012 12:52 PM

I actually did only tighten them a bit. I heat molded them twice. First time i tightened them down which is what they told me. My right foot seemed alittle bit tight in the toe so I went back and wore basic gym socks during the molding and only tightened them a little bit. This seemed to make them fit just right. A tiny tiny bit of room in front of my toe. I did mistakenly keep the tongue on the outside and later realized its supposed to be on the inside of the boot. This next Friday I am going to try heat molding them a 3rd time with a toe cap and I will place the tongue inside again.

Also I'm passed trading these in for another size. I've used em all summer. If I have to buy another pair and sell my ones, I will buy the kai open toe.

Kerry 08-27-2012 8:17 AM

Joe Lo-

I've been tightening mine down good too and I'm getting some pain as well. I haven't jammed my toe since, but I also haven't done any scarecrow attempts either. I actually ordered a pair of Ronix Kai's OT's last night since everything dropped to closeout prices at Evo and I couldn't pass it up. I thought I'd take advantage and buy them. If i really like them I will definitely sell my "ones" used and hopefully break even. I really don't want to give up the ones though but if OT's mean less pain/injuries without about the same support and comfort then thats the way I need to go. Even the OT's these days have been improved a lot to give good support. We shall see

JoLo_Si 08-28-2012 8:58 AM

Let us know how you like them. I'm really interested to see how the newer OT's are improving. I've been thinking about going back just to get more of that free air fun feeling back behind the boat. I'm not hitting scarecrows though.

Kerry 09-10-2012 2:35 PM

just wanted to update this thread for anyone curious. I rode the kai's for about 4 sessions this past weekend. Definitely going to let my ones go. I loved em and they did fit like a glove but the kai's actually have better support. They are a tad stiffer imo and i felt less heel lift as well. It was very wierd being back in OT's feeling the water etc. Aside from not having the custom fit, the Kai's felt great! I really did not notice any difference in toe lift as my toes are basically covered by the Kai's anyways. Plus when i started attempting some scarecrows no horrible toe jam. Guess I'm old school but maybe i'll give Closed Toe's a try again in the future. For now I'm sticking with the kai's.

JoLo_Si 09-11-2012 2:44 PM

I'm glad you fond sonething you like, what ever works for you bro.
Actually a week ago I was riding my One's too loose and jambed my toe and since my nails were a little to long it got bent back and I got a nice blood blister. I tightened down the lower lace and didn't have any other problems the rest of the set.
It's not like I had jiffy feet or anything but now I check my nail clippers before I ride.

wakerider111 09-11-2012 2:51 PM

I buy my boots a little big and then fill the space by wearing 5 mm neoprene socks. extra cush all around especially in the toe box to minimize toe smashing.

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