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cheesydog 08-01-2012 7:39 PM

Zane Schwenk TSBS 3?
Just saw the vid WW put up of Zane (legend) http://www.wakeworld.com/news/videos/zane-schwenk.html

At 2:39 in he does what I THINK is a TS BS3 but its just so ridiculously off axis it looks like some crazy kind of mobe. What do you guys think?

I love seeing footage of the older guys throwing down things I havent seen before!

jsw 08-01-2012 9:02 PM

yea definitely jus a ts off back 3. it almost looks like he does a front 1 to back 3. looks good though.

wakebordr11 08-01-2012 9:12 PM

What the hell was he doing with the wrapped/blind cut ts backroll backside spin thing... Whatever it was I'm pretty sure that's a Zane exclusive!

brhanley 08-01-2012 9:40 PM

Think that's a slurpee. Zane is funny. Dude used to butt check every trick but never fall. I think he had just started wakeboarding but was doing well cause he didn't fall. Great tribute vid.

Readyaimfire 08-01-2012 9:47 PM

The wrapped trick is his world famous slurpee. Its crazy how he cuts in with both hands behind his back and starts the rotation basically in the trough.

cheesydog 08-03-2012 1:30 AM

yup that slurpee is crazy and he does it switch as well. I get chills just thinking about attempting that trick, the pop, the line tension, everything just seems so hard

wakebordr11 08-03-2012 9:39 AM

I remember in old tour stops he'd do another version of a wrapped trick, blender maybe? off the kicker. He'd hit the wake wrapped, do either a straight backroll, or roll to revert and then launch the ski ramp and uncork it

VinnyA 08-06-2012 8:57 PM

Slurpees are awesome, Dave Briscoe does a cool one too! and I love Zane's pro model, the Absolute is such a sick board

wakerider111 08-06-2012 10:57 PM

any one else have a desire to stop by 7-11 for something cold and sweet to drink.

fun video to watch

greg_smith 08-08-2012 6:29 PM

I knew Zane was good but have never really seen too much of his riding. More videos need to be like this. Really enjoyable video to watch because it was such a good mix of everything fun, stylish and technical. Reminds me of how Shaun Murray rides.

kellen 03-26-2013 11:28 AM

So I've never seen the slurpee done until today ( I just knew it was a crazy trick that ZANE did). I am going to try it in the near future. It looks like an out the back fat kid approved trick similar to how I do my crows.Lazy. ill get some footage of me crashing and fill you all in. :)

carter134 03-28-2013 5:12 PM

that toe back three is almost like he does it bat wing to blind style just not to the same extent. you see alot of guys starting to do it like that i think that it was also the angle of it that might of made it look very different. but tsaying that the trick does look super awesome !!

hawkeye7708 03-30-2013 5:51 AM

I actually grabbed a slurpee the other day... it was GLORIOUS. The cashier looked at me like I was some crazy addict. Nothing to see here, just a grown man getting little kid level excited.

hawkeye7708 03-30-2013 5:58 AM

Also, just watched the video again..... anybody's thoughts on a Slurp-5? How nutty would that be?!

kyle_L 03-31-2013 5:39 AM

ben, mitch Langfield is doing a "slurpeeish" 5 off the kicker. I'll see if I can find the video

kyle_L 03-31-2013 5:42 AM


VinnyA 03-31-2013 7:04 AM

Would the trick at 2:39 be an orbital? even though he doesn't make the board go actually over the line-> if he was rotating the other way it would have...does that count?

kyle_L 03-31-2013 2:58 PM

vinny, that is a TS bs off axis 3...very off axis. Orbitals are heelside and only done by the scud

jarrod 04-01-2013 10:34 AM

ahhhh....the youngsters showing their age. :)

VinnyA 04-02-2013 6:19 AM

hahaha ^ lol I'm proud of myself for knowing what an orbital is! and I went back to this Shapiro Vid after I wrote that and understood I was wrong at 1:16 http://youtu.be/J4CQ05NB-sE?t=1m16s

Now i really want to know if anyone has a video of Parks doing a 6 pack...because that's something I've never seen before lol

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