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grant_west 08-01-2012 9:20 AM

Olympic opening Ceremony
I missed it !!!
Where can I see it? I searched google and no luck?

tings00 08-01-2012 9:23 AM

if you are familiar with torrents you can probably get from one of those sites.

sippi 08-01-2012 10:36 AM

you didn't miss a whole lot IMO. a lot of skits and "acting" (considering the director of the whole thing was a movie director you can imagine why). i wasn't that impressed but its hard to be next in line after the ceremonies in bejing

john211 08-01-2012 11:43 AM

It is bad. I walked away from it over ... and over ... and over. Whereas tolerable entertainment might be, say, Tongan-style kitsch (like, a group of Tongans dressed in charming native garb and swaying charming traditional dances, in front of Carnival Line cruise boat tourists), the British counterpart of such kitsch ... which was the opening ceremonies ... was bad, awful. The least example is the last time I walked away. It was the so-called comedian who played some of the keyboards in the Chariots of Fire music ... he was not funny. Bad, bad, bad.

But, everything worthwhile is at the end, with the parade of athletes by nation.

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