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tings00 08-01-2012 8:34 AM

perfect pass paddle wheel
when we bought our boat, 2003 Malibu VLX. we were recommended to put a piece of tape over the PP paddle wheel while trailering. This is to keep it from spinning while going down the freeway. So for years we have put a piece of duct tape on it after boating and have to remove it before. I have never seen anyone else do this or have heard of anyone doing this. Is it a waste of time and me climbing under the boat or does someone else have knowledge of this. Thanks.

Oh, and here is the latest pic of my stock wake, just cause...


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tuneman 08-01-2012 8:38 AM

Unless you're driving 1000 miles every week, you're wasting your time.

MrPeepers 08-01-2012 9:06 AM

I think you got Punk'd.

08-01-2012 9:09 AM

^ x2

tings00 08-01-2012 9:17 AM

Thats how i feel as well. But after all these years and never having a problem with it I wonder if it has actually been a good thing. Is that something that is known to wear out at all.

08-01-2012 9:24 AM

Ive only had to replace my paddle wheel once, and that was because we had to temporarily put it on another lift for the weekend and the bunks on the lift just happened to line up with the location of the paddle wheel.

lifetimewarranty 08-01-2012 9:52 AM

Don't forget to tie the prop to the rudder so the prop doesn't spin and the rudder stays straight!:p;)

The dealer told you to do that???!!!(if so....what dealership was it?)

nailem 08-01-2012 10:08 AM

my brother-in-law was told that when he bought his moomba from the dealer. we have always found it easier to just pull it but it is still a pain in the.... so i have wondered the same thing. i am pulling the boat tonight to travel to Norris Lake this next week 585 miles. so you say dont pull it?

srock 08-01-2012 10:14 AM

When I first got perfect pass in 2002 it was suggested by the manufactuer that the paddle wheel be covered when trailering to prevent wear.

lifetimewarranty 08-01-2012 10:25 AM

LOL - I guess it is a common recommendation...but sounds like we don't care!


My boat has thousands of unprotected trailering miles on the paddle wheel...works perfect.

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