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voler 08-01-2012 1:49 AM

Getting started
Hi everyone,

Ive been riding for around a year and still progressing.. the only concern i have right now is. Getting started. I know theres lots of way to start but the most basic is probably the floating one and deep water start. Ive been trying to do deep water start but i just couldnt seem to get up and most of the time my board would float up like how im taught and start. Any good tips?

Thanks a million

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jperkinsttu 08-01-2012 4:55 AM

If you can get yourself into a deep water start position from a floating position then you shouldn't have a problem with keeping your feet underneath you. It's all in your core from then on. Make sure you keep your balance with your hand and the rope and once the boat starts make sure your heels are down and toes up or you will get pulled out over. I would just practice floating in that position to work on your balance and go from there.

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