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BobinIL 07-31-2012 7:41 AM

need advice on new board
I have been out of riding for a couple of years but started getting back into it this year. I think it is time to upgrade my board and bindings. My skill level is very early intermediate. I am doing wake to wake jumps and w2w 180s, surface 360s, a few grabs. I have been trying backrolls for a while and still having trouble with it but have landed a couple. I want to move on to tantrums and W2W 360s I am 5'.10" and 200lb and 48 years old (I know, I should know better :D) I am currently riding a 2002 Hyperlite Premier 140 with old 30/60 bindings. I would like a board that is stable, tracks well when on edge and more pop than the Premier and softer landings. I am considering the Hyperlite tribute and state, the Ronix Vault or Ibex and maybe the Liquid Force Witness or Trip. I will be looking at 140cm or bigger with a good intermediate pair of bindings, Ronix Divide or Hyperlite Remix Any help would be greatly appreciated.

cwb4me 07-31-2012 7:47 AM

The Liquid Force Witness or Trip would fit your requirements. I would recommend a 142-144cm board for your size.

natepribyl 07-31-2012 8:21 AM

I have a 142 ronix one for sale ... i also have a 09 watson classic .... both great boards ... imo the ibex isnt as forgiving when it comes to edging and pop.... watson and new model one board is alot more consistent ... good luck

VinnyA 07-31-2012 10:28 AM

I reccomend riding a cwb absolute. Softest landings I've ever had on a wakeboard. http://ridecwb.com/cwb_absolute_141_wakeboard.php poppy as well

Orange 07-31-2012 11:25 AM

I don't know much about the tribute. The State and Vault are very similar boards and IMO are not the boards you want. From the stuff you say you are doing I would think you want a board meant for more advanced riders where the state and vault are intermediate boards (and both very good ones at that I might add). The Ibex was modified and rebranded as the Parks for 2012 - a little less abrupt rocker so it supposedly glides easier - plows a little less water. That does mean there are some really good deals ou there for '10 and '11 model Ibexes and they are still great boards. I haven't ridden the Parks but heard from someone who bought one and used to ride an Ibex that he really liked it. Between the two, I'd say money no object get the Parks, but if you want to save maybe $200 get an '11 or even '10 Ibex (I don't think much changed between those model years aside from graphics).

I focused my response on the Ibex/Parks because I'm familiar with them, but there are a number of good options out there from Hyperlite, CWB, Liquid Force, and others. It does sound to me from your tricks you might be happiest aiming for one of the more advanced boards from whatever brand you choose. I personally don't find too much difference between hard and soft landings on one board to another, but I also am not known for taking things super high.

If you can, it's kind of fun to demo a few different boards and see what you like. Many places allow you to apply the demo cost towards a purchase anyway.

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