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RonBurgundy 07-30-2012 5:31 PM

sanger V215 fuel gauge issue
Anyone else have a similar issue.......

Seems as though sitting still on level ground, sitting in the water, or just cruising my gas gauge sits at a bit over half full (when it is in fact full). When planed on water is when it seems it is accurate. Becomes very annoying throughout the day even though I have a good idea based on previous use age.

Is this something I need to live with? Or should I have it checked out?

antoddio 07-30-2012 7:44 PM

Not sure, but if you can get to the tank looks like those sending units are $25 bucks. I even have two extra.

RonBurgundy 07-30-2012 8:12 PM

If something like that is needed I would simply have the warranty cover it......he boat is only a couple weeks old. Just wasn't sure if this was typical, or if most gauges are pretty accurate?

camassanger 07-30-2012 8:26 PM

John, I have issues with mine too. I have an 06 V215. I have gotten used to knowing how much gas I have, and feel confident that the tank is so big, that I definitely have enough for a long hard day. But, I have had occasions (not uncommonly) where the gauge is flat out wrong. I would say it works pretty well about 60% of the time.

I think it's a design flaw. Hard to imagine that being a difficult engineering problem to solve, but it's what we have.

RonBurgundy 07-30-2012 8:54 PM

Random. It's really annoying....I'll give you that.

SangerTom 07-30-2012 9:54 PM

My 05 v210 never reads right. Shows full, then a second later 1/4 full. Probably a bad sensor but I just fill up each morning and don't worry about it.

kskonn 07-31-2012 8:57 AM

I have heard that gas with Ethanol is causing all sorts of problems with the sending units, not that this is your problem, just an observation.

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