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Reez 07-30-2012 4:35 PM

Supra 21 v ballast issus
When I flip a switch for one side of the front all
My sacks fill. I've just been unhooking them
But it's annoying. How
Do I fix

jonblarc7 07-30-2012 5:41 PM

Sounds like your sprinkler valves are all flipped open. Remember your ballast system is one pump to fill all sac. So if all your valves are stuck open it will fill all your bags. The valves are under the back center seat and are green. There's alittle black switch you can flip around to see if it cuts one of the bags off. So just flip one down and see if your other two bags fill. If it works then flip the
switch for the bag that didn't fill and see if it opens and let's water in. If that dosent you need to replace the valves, there about 11$ a piece at Lowes

fman 07-30-2012 9:24 PM

Great winter project, rip out the sprinkler valves and install impeller pumps... That ballast set up is very unreliable and poorly designed. In '09 Supra went to impeller pumps, a much better setup.

Reez 07-31-2012 5:58 AM

Thanks guys

FunkyBunch 07-31-2012 6:28 AM

Bob you don't have to upgrade to the reversible pumps to fix the issue with this system. You can add a aerator pump for each bag instead since you already have a drain pump for each bag already. The aerator pumps are much cheaper and you can get the same speed from them if not better than the impeller pumps. Contact wakemakers and they have a kit that can replace the sprinkler valves. If I were doing this change or upgrade I would add the vents to each bag as well.

As much as I hate my sprinkler valves I ride with a friend that has the impeller pumps in an 09 and he can only turn on one pump at a time for some reason. As soon as the second pump comes on the first pump thinks the bag is full. It has not always been that way but no one has been able to identify the issue as of yet.

jonblarc7 07-31-2012 6:54 AM

I did this project before this season started with good results.


Bumpass1 07-31-2012 8:29 AM


Originally Posted by jonblarc7 (Post 1772326)
I did this project before this season started with good results.


Do you still have pictures of your installation. They are not showing on the thread. I am seriously looking into an upgrade and want to get some ideas.

jonblarc7 07-31-2012 8:47 AM

I'll try to get some thursday night when I go ride next time. I even went cheaper and reused the 3/4 tubing and used the 800 pumps instead of the 1200. I get two 800 in the back and the 1100 in the front full in about 12 to 15 min with the old system it would have taken 30 min or more. But in hindsite I should have just spent alittle more and got the 1200 pumps.

FunkyBunch 07-31-2012 9:19 AM

Blair not sure if you are using the single stock through hull or added a new one. My understanding you can only get enough volume from the stock through hull for 3 800. So that is a total of 2400gph 3 1200 is over the limit at 3600 gph. With more than one though hull you can add the 1200's. As I have been told you can fill the 750lbs in the rear compartments and the 1200 in the ski locker in a little over 6 minutes with that setup of 3 800's.

jonblarc7 07-31-2012 10:08 AM

I added a 1" thourgh hull for the back two pump and just kept the stock one for the front bag for now.

Bumpass1 07-31-2012 10:39 AM

Where did you put the 1" thru

jonblarc7 07-31-2012 1:16 PM

Passenger side (port I think) just under the pullies on the engine slid all the way over to that side locker. But far enough away from the wall, so you can still spin a T fitting on.

fman 08-01-2012 5:49 AM

I did an Aerator pump conversion on my 08 Supra...it was a great improvement over the stock one rule pump. However, if I had to do it again I would go impeller driven. Much simpler install, will drain the bags pancake thin because they will pull there own prime. It will cost a little more but in the end I think you would be more satisfied with impeller pumps. With Aerator pumps you will have to use two pumps for each bag (drain and fill), vented loops, check valves, etc.. with impeller pumps its a simple ball valve, 1" line, they will drain and fill from one line. The Aerator pumps occasionally will also not prime, especially if you are
running multiple pumps off a manifold and not individual thru hulls.

If wired properly you can run multiple impeller pumps at one time with no issues.

Just my .02 after using both....

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