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alcarlaw1 07-30-2012 5:49 AM

Looking at a Nautique 220 team edition (2006 model)
I currently have a 97 sport, which was fabulous up until the kids came along! Same hull as the Super Air/Super Sport so produces an amazing wake when weighted correctly. However, as we now have two kids and when we are out on the water we usually have another family with us, the lack of storage and engine in the middle of the boat are a pain. Cue plan to buy a new boat. In the UK, we don't really have much second hand stock to choose from, for the money I have an early/mid 2000's Super AIr, 211, 220 are in my price range. Alternatively I could jump camp and pick up a Mastercraft X1 (older X Star etc) but Mastercrafts command a premium which Nautiques do not - so the sensible money buys the Nautique.

There are absolutely no 210's (super airs) for sale so I am mulling the idea of 211' and 220's. From what I have read on the 220, the wake is more mellow (suppose like a Mastercraft!), wider, takes more weight (how much?) to deliver a good wake and can be a little temperamental with regard to weight positioning. Is this correct?

I don't wakeboard quite as much as I used to, and when the kids are a little older, I am sure this will change. For now, main duties will be wakesurfing but I want to future proof my purchase. Ultimately I would go for the 210 but as I said there are very few around and would probably be more expensive for equivalent age and condition as they are more "hardcore" for boarding...

So, I welcome your thoughts and comments to help the purchase decision.

MattieK27 07-30-2012 6:01 AM

220 is probably the best Nautique you can go with if you're focusing on surfing. The interior has an odd (but useful) layout, but overall its an under rated design. It takes a chop fairly well, and has quite a bit of freeboard; sonething to consider when family is involved.

miljack 07-30-2012 7:09 AM

The 220 would be an excellent choice for both wakeboarding and surfing, probably is one of the best CCs for surfing. Wakeboarding wake is between the "legacy" 210 hull (95-'06) and the newer '07+ 210's as far as steepness goes. The 220 wake can be finicky side to side if you start adding extra ballast over stock, but can be dialed in by adding weight in the middle/front of the boat. One thing to watch is the '06 220's were RH prop rotatation, the later models have LH rotation, so depending on your surfing preference the '06's are great for goofy side. Way more room in the 220 over the X1, and should surf a lot better. The Excalibur engine in the 220 should be enough engine.

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