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ragboy 07-28-2012 5:17 AM

2012 Northwest Wakesurf Open LIVE!
We should be broadcasting the 2012 Northwest Wakesurf Open LIVE starting at around 9am, don't miss it!


BrianB 07-28-2012 9:29 AM

Watching Robert! Thanks for doing what you do!

Is it me, or is there something wrong with the wave? Riders are pushing off the back of the wave one after another......

scottymc261 07-28-2012 11:55 AM

I hear it's shallow, like 6-7'

Woody 07-28-2012 1:17 PM

The water looks really good.

ragboy 07-28-2012 10:51 PM

Thanks much. As far as the wake and such, I didn't notice anything weird or hear any real complaints, well, someone is always complaining. ;-) The wake seemed pretty good to me and you can't always judge a wake by a contest, sometimes conditions or issues can make it hard. I know the folks at the NWWSA work to give the riders the best they can. The venue is pretty darn nice, and completely protected, not sure what the depth is though.

Squid 07-29-2012 10:19 PM

good work Boss, Sorry I missed it but the Tige reunion was worth it!

scottymc261 07-30-2012 8:18 AM

Was awesome broadcast Robert! THANKS and Thanks for letting us use the gear at Wake the Dessert! See you at Worlds.

tmill 07-30-2012 9:45 AM

Robert thanks for coming out!
It was a great event and i took second in the menís AM behind RJ. He had one hell of a run. He has a killer front side 180. Depth was definitely not an issue for the venue, I drove the boats for the practice runs and on the course it was a pretty consistent 20'+. But just outside the course I did manage to find a mystery shallow spot :(.... After the comp on Sunday when we were pulling the course we went and looked at it and there was a pile of gravel and rock underwater the high spot was only 3 feet deep.

Thanks again for everyone that came out really was a fun event and the mechanical surf board was a blast.

ragboy 07-30-2012 10:24 AM

It was definitely a great event.

Here is the podium results, the video that we streamed live. When I record the stream to disk, sometimes the audio clips a bit, its pretty minimal though. I will post up streams of much of the broadcast right away also. Then of course the HD runs over the next week or so. Good times.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/pQ_ZkDfLDLA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

ragboy 07-30-2012 10:35 AM

Dude, I set a record because I keep pushing up the quality. I am coming home with over 360 GB worth of video. In order to make sure there is little interruption to event and we miss nothing, there is a lot of empty recording. But since I wrote that software, I can purge it down quickly.

Also, normally I have to be very careful when I transmit through ATT. I have 5GB a month, and they cut you off at the end. Every year I am usually on the phone trying to get restored sunday morning. This year they have made it that you just get charged 10$ extra per gig you go over and they don't shut anything off, very cool. So I just transmitted everything, didn't pause and through the podiums with the best quality I could fit through. I am over 10GB transmitted this month. D'oh! My ATT card is probably on fire, I barely use it until these broadcasts, too funny.

Sorry for the geek out, now back to the regularly scheduled program.

getssum 07-30-2012 4:50 PM

Way cool Robert, thanks for all your hard work on this for those who can't watch it live!

vman 07-30-2012 9:05 PM

Great job Robert and the Garcia family from Wake9. As usual you helped make this competition a first class event. We appreciate all you do for the sport of wakesurfing :)

ragboy 07-31-2012 3:57 PM

The live recorded videos of the stream are up to view. This is basically a recording of the broadcast as it was streamed.


ragboy 08-01-2012 5:14 PM

The finals live recording is up. There are a few must see's in there. Ashley Kidd's air reverse is pretty cool and then there is the smackdown between Dominic Lagace and Keenan Flegel. That was FUN to watch, those 2 went at it. Dom was gunnin for Keenan and Keenan wasn't going to let him have it, good spirited but intense competition all weekend. Dominic does his hurricane which is really fun to watch and also a switch backside shuvit 180, and Keenan lands his 540 shuv with tons of air, fun stuff.

tonyv420 08-02-2012 10:37 AM

Great job again, Robert, RJ, and Maddie! and T-bone! Missed seeing Whitney tho! See ya next year at the West Coast Open! Harold says whassupp! We will all be at Shasta in a houseboat Aug. 17-25th... you guys should come up for a day of riding!

ragboy 08-02-2012 10:53 AM

That would be fun, maybe we can, but thats a busy week! Either way, you guys will have a blast.

wakedoggie 08-03-2012 2:01 PM

Hey Robert, can I get the link to the finals???? Thanks! See ya in Parker!

wakedoggie 08-03-2012 3:35 PM

Wait, I got it from the link above......sorry, I am a little slow.... :)

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