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ryand121 07-25-2012 9:45 PM

Huge Thanks to S&W Performance Marine in Denver, CO!!!
Huge thanks to Leif, Charlie, and the rest of the guys at S&W!

While I was on a Lake Powell trip on our houseboat, on the last day I got an Engine Overheat warning on the '08 X-Star. I first checked to make sure I didnt have any weeds blocking any water flow, and then I checked the impeller. After both checked out and letting it cool down, I fired it back up and the temp began to rise again, so we towed it in and I headed back to Grand Junction, CO where I live. Needing to go to Denver the next day anways, I called up Leif at S&W and he told me to bring it down.

I got a late start the next day, and after my 4 hour drive to Denver, I got to S&W literally 10 minutes before they closed for the day. Before I could even get the truck in park, Leif and Charlie were already outside pulling the cover off the boat and taking a look at the engine. I told them what was going on, unhooked the trailer, and they brought it around back and in to the shop. I shot the ***** with Leif for a bit and they told me they would call me in the morning with any news. As I was getting into my truck, Charlie ran out and told me to take a look, holding the impeller in his hand. Sure as ***** the impeller looked good, until he spun the metal hub of the impeller inside the rubber! Hard for an engine to keep cool when it's not flowing any water!

Next day I show up at noon, and after two new exhaust hoses (mine got a little hot), a new impeller, and a lake test to ease my mind, I was back in Grand Junction for dinner.

Once again, huge thanks to the guys at S&W Performance, and especially Charlie, for jumping on this so quick and getting me back to the lake quickly. I know it was an easy fix, but these guys jumped on this in a heart beat and got it fixed, and to me that says a lot. I couldn't ask for any better service, and this is the reason I'll buy my next boat from them!

markj 07-25-2012 11:05 PM

Wow. That's awesome service. Sounds like a good dealer. How long do you wait to replace your impeller?

ryand121 07-26-2012 4:15 PM

I actually put that particular one in during the middle of last season! Dealer said it's an odd thing to happen, but he has seen a few do that. I guess I could have found it on the lake and replaced it with the spare, but I guess I just never thought to check for that. I pulled the cover, but to find out if the hub is spun inside the rubber, I would need to pull the impeller out the housing to check it. Live and learn I guess...:banghead:

imondi 07-26-2012 5:00 PM

Haha that's a much easier fix than jumping your boat off those hidden lake Powell rocks!! It was good seein you at Powell man! Hopefully we can get in a set soon!

ryand121 07-26-2012 6:45 PM

Haha, for sure Vic. Sorry about the Axis bro. Next time you head back to that same spot chasing good water, we should use a hovercraft!!

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