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grant_west 07-25-2012 5:49 PM

Lake Tahoe
Hey we are gonna head up to Tahoe. I haven't been up in like 5 years and I know some things have changed. (mussle inspection) We were planning on Launching in Meek's Bay. Just wondering if anyone had anyone had any tip's as far as mussel inspection and or places to go check out we will be on the water Friday and Sat.

brhanley 07-25-2012 6:03 PM

Plan ahead...would even be nice to go the day before if possible. You have to go to special spots to do the inspection and/or decontam (see below). You only have to do the inspection once if you don't break the little tie thing they put on your bow after you pull out. Pull your plug and ballast sacs if you can, make sure everything is DRY. Bring your wallet. And, get a wet woody at Garwoods or some punch at Chambers.

For all these reasons and more, my boat has never been on Tahoe in the 5+ years I've had her. Riding Tahoe is really fun though. Enjoy!


lifetimewarranty 07-25-2012 6:11 PM

yeah - a friend just went up there. One drop of water anywhere on your boat and you will need to pay 120 bucks (iirc) for them to clean your entire boat.

grant_west 07-25-2012 7:19 PM

We had planed on paying as much as $85 to get our boat inspected. We are not bringing the wake boat so we don't have ballast or anything to clean out. Im just guessing that they will run water threw the motor and call it a day. We are fully preped for the run around. I spoke with another W/W member who went up for 4th of july who went up with his wakesetter, He said the inspection guys were pro's and did a great job. They hooked his boat up no problem and he was down the road in under 1 hr. I guess its all about knowing what to expect up front. If you were in a hurry and we suddlenly told HEY not so fast. Turn around and go get your boat inspected I could see how this would be a major party foul.

lifetimewarranty 07-25-2012 9:02 PM

WRONG G! My friends were in a runabout. They had to use hot water on everything! Bilge, motor, etc etc...

They had almost passed when they had them lower the outdrive and out dripped a tiny bit of water...

BAM. they were caught.

adouglas 07-25-2012 11:00 PM

I am currently in Tahoe (west shore), got here today. We made it through the inspection without any issues with our 06 SAN 210. Boat needs to be dry and they still clean out the tanks, it takes roughly 40 min. We got inspected at the Homewood location. The guys in front of us had an outboard and it took them about the same amount of time.

The weather was great today and our evening set had glassy water... We are staying through Sunday.

tommyg 07-26-2012 5:50 AM

We are Tahoe regulars, have a place up there. Took me close to an hour at Northstar this year where we have our inspection done...but that was with 4 ballast tanks. Would have been much quicker if I didn't have the tanks.

If there's more than 1 boat in front of me, I'll leave and come back...otherwise you could be there half the day.

rodltg2 07-26-2012 9:45 AM

I was inspected gong into to Donner. My boat although older is clean as a whistle. Thet didnt even want to look in the bilge until I offered it and they said we may as well since you opened the hatch. I got some sort of sticker they placed on the sideby the reg. I guess Lake Tahoe is much stricter.

larry1167 07-26-2012 1:41 PM

Grant - I was in Tahoe a few weeks ago. We stayed at Donner and had my boat inspected there. Took a day trip to Meeks Bay but did not bring the boat. I was curious and asked the gate keeper at the entrance to Meeks Bay Resort if they inspected boats. She said they did. You might want to call the marina to confirm just in case the person I spoke to didn't know what they were talking about. If they actually do, it could save you some time instead of stopping at one of the main inspection locations.

Have fun. It was the first time I had been to Meeks Bay. Beautiful spot. After you get a few runs in, head over to Emerald Bay. If you go early enough in the day you won't get beat up when the wind picks up on your way home.

Dmac420sj 07-26-2012 1:54 PM

Hey grant I'm going in a week and a half can't wait !!! Inspections are done at my county lakes they are pretty easy wash your boat, vaccume all of your hull , dry your exhaust outs, flip your bilge make sure it's dry cuz they will, make sure your tail lights on trailor are dry, and open your boat up and run a fan through the hull for a couple of days, most important watch out for the GAYPERS!!!!!

Dmac420sj 07-26-2012 1:55 PM

O ya and bump strolling emerald bay get there early and pirate that bitch!!!!! Yaaaa buuuddy!!!

centurion88 07-26-2012 6:45 PM

glad u posted this we have a place in tahoma(west shore) an planned on heading up next fri-sun. as mentioned above homewood dose the inspection and you need to get every thing dry.i was thinking on putting a fan in the hull and letting it run all day to help dry things up in there is any water in the boat. as for ballast tanks how could you dry those out bring that they are enclosed? hope all goes well with your trip. when do u guys plan on heading up?

markj 07-26-2012 9:21 PM

You know... It might be a good idea to put some bilge cleaner in the bilge on your way up. That way it can slosh around and by the time you get there they can wash it out with 140 degree water and your bilge will be like brand new! I might have to make that trip up there myself just for the hot water rinse. :-)

Dmac420sj 07-26-2012 10:56 PM

If you have hard tanks they run the hot water through but yo have to pay for the decontamination fee if you have bags you can remove them and should be able to pass with out paying for the decontamination.

grant_west 07-27-2012 12:17 PM

We are herebNow. Went threw the station in 15 mins no problem $65 for the guy to open up and look inside all my hatches. Didn't need to run the motor. The out drive started dripping water as soon as he have us the tag and walked away lol

centurion88 07-27-2012 5:55 PM

where did u end up going to get the inspection done? ill be heading up next friday hopefully it goes smooth like your inspection did!

07-27-2012 7:27 PM

Is anyone going out on saturday the 4th we will be launching at the coast guard station and planning to go down the west shore. whats the weather supposed to be like next saturday.

grant_west 07-28-2012 8:31 AM

Chris ; we launched at Meeks bay, so the Alpine Ski resort station was were we got inspected.
We were making jokes. There was a Cute girl doing the inspection on the guy next to us's boat.
We were making jokes that the guy. (whos boat was getting inspected next to us) keeps comming back week after week to get re inspeced even though he dosent need
To just so he can flirt with the cute girl. LOL
Over all if your boat is nice and dry then your going to breeze threw the inspection. My advice would be to open up your boat a day or 2 before you go and air it all out. Make sure its all dry and your good to go. It was a good thing I stoped just before we pulled in and di a quick water check i found some water and just wiped it off im sure if i didnt catch that it would have been the was down inspection

Dmac420sj 07-28-2012 8:34 AM

Marit cole= GAYPER!! Watch out for the GAYPERS !

07-28-2012 1:59 PM


Dmac420sj 07-28-2012 4:24 PM


centurion88 07-28-2012 5:03 PM

ill be heading up friday and on the water sat Marit

Grant: thanks for the info!!

mikeski 07-28-2012 11:47 PM

Sounds like Jonelle, she is one of the Environmental Scientists at the Tahoe Resource Conservation District. Very easy on the eyes. Talked to her quite a bit while working the boat show last year.

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