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Houstonshark 07-25-2012 3:20 PM

My 4yr old's first time behind the boat
Late last year we got both of my sons up on the wakeboard by sliding them off of the swim platform where I would sit and hold either their board or boot to help them balance. They really liked it so we tried again earlier this year but the water was too cold and when they fell in, both of them were done and would only ride in a tube.

We ended up buying them some EZ ski's which my 4yr old tried and actually liked and did well in. Over the last several outings my 4yr old and 3yr old boys both wanted to wakesurf with me. My 4yr old loved it.

This past weekend he decided he wanted to wakeboard but this time he wanted to get up behind the boat and not off of the swim deck. He wanted to do it by himself. He did great. We only got a couple videos of him riding but what's funny is that about half the time he got up regular and the other half he got up goofy.

You can see in the video around .49 he lets go with 1 hand and reaches for his shorts but falls. I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'I was trying to fix my shorts like you, daddy!'. The last clip in the video cracks me up. He said he was working on cutting back and forth.


Bolo 07-25-2012 3:35 PM


jhartt3 07-25-2012 3:37 PM

That is awesome! Make me want to have kids yesterday!

Houstonshark 07-25-2012 3:51 PM

Both of my boys strap on virtually any wakeboard around them they can find and pretend like they are riding and will do ollie after ollie.

Here are both of them together at the wake park.


07-25-2012 4:00 PM

Thats awesome!! Def moments like these I wish I had little ones around.

ironcross25 07-25-2012 5:27 PM

my son turns 1 in a week and i can't wait for this moment! thats awesome!

newmy79 07-25-2012 5:43 PM

That video was great. I have an 11 month old daughter and I am really looking forward to moments like these.

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JoLo_Si 07-27-2012 9:52 AM

Riding switch already!

FunkyBunch 07-27-2012 10:53 AM

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That video is great. congrats TJ. I am getting closer to having my oldest start trying.

She has already shown an interest this pic is from last year when my niece got her new board Chase decided to claim it as her own.

Houstonshark 07-27-2012 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by JoLo_Si (Post 1771543)
Riding switch already!

Ha. I know. What's funny is that he really didn't seem to have a problem either way. We kinda made it a point to be vague when telling him how to get up so as not to confuse him. We just told him when he gets up to stand up and turn the board, keep the rope in, etc. obviously he hasn't figured out the rope positioning or posture yet but he will.

Man, I wish I had learned this way and split my time getting up regular and goofy!

ferral 07-27-2012 8:57 PM

That's awesome! My daughter is almost 2 and a half, and last time out she said she wanted to try. Unfortunately the sun was going down and it was a bit cold to put her in the water. Heading out again tomorrow and hoping she'll be up for it again, I plan to just take her on the board with me.

Vxmine 07-29-2012 7:50 AM

That's awesome....and he's doing it over and over, which indicates he's having fun. Good times ahead.

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