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beretta5spd 07-25-2012 11:41 AM

Wakesetter Logo!
Hey guys I'm the guy with the Fakesetter....

If you don't know what that is.... you'll have to check out this link here:

so far it has been a few months of battle just keeping the boat running.

First the trim quit which put it out of commission for two weeks..... then after trailering it for at least 2000 km (1200 miles) this summer I realized that there was major cracks in the fiberglass in the transom that were hidden. Presumably from the outboard motor bouncing on the trailer without a support and from where the straps held the boat down. So I did some extremely ghetto fiberglass work just to keep the boat going. I will probably redo it over the winter when I have time to make it look better.

I would be amiss if I didn't thank everyone again for their support. aka TJ Morgan and company who sent parts (mirror/perko) and cash to keep the project rolling.

Just in the last two weeks I've introduced a couple guys to the sport and they're both hooked!

Saying all that.... I don't have the decals done yet. I sent a request out in the last thread months ago but got no bites for a picture of the wakesetter logo. Here's what I need...

I need someone to take a hi res photo (5mp+ jpg) of the wakesetter logo on their boat. Just the wakesetter logo. Preferably on a boat that isn't grey or black... aka good contrast between the logo and the gel coat. A white boat would be perfect. I've looked around online and haven't seen anything big enough that would work.

If anyone can do that I would appreciate it either uploaded in hi res somewhere that I can download it or emailed to dwightandsarah@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance,

beretta5spd 07-26-2012 1:19 AM

thanks to everyone for checking out the thread but....

I finally got some inspiration on how to enlarge the photoshop job Ross sent me in the other thread without it turning grainy around the edges. (years after he first posted the original) This thing looks so good. Gonna hit the decal shop tomorrow.

In other words... I don't need the picture of the wakesetter logo anymore

WaterBullDawg 07-26-2012 3:39 PM

Let us know how it looks!

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beretta5spd 07-26-2012 5:08 PM

Jpg is at the printers already... Will be put on next week Thursday

Sp8race1010 07-26-2012 7:18 PM

Post up pics dude I wanna see it. Your boat is creative and I like that you used what you had to adapt. I got a89 caravelle I'm gonna start on soon tower, wrap, sound, interior. Gonna make this old bird boost up some boards!

beretta5spd 07-27-2012 6:02 PM

Here's a little taste of what's coming....


Sp8race1010 07-27-2012 7:06 PM


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