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gizel 08-22-2003 7:07 AM

For anyone that lives in Nor Cal I wanted to alert them that there have been a few Stereo's stolen. 2 People that I am friends with have had their Amps and Tower Speakers stolen out of their Boat that are parked in front of their Houses. The theives are slipping unnder the Boat covers and taking all the time they want to get the stuff out. Just thought that I would give eveyone a heads up.

rock_n_boardin 08-22-2003 9:07 AM

That is not good news, where in NoCal do you live? Once they realize what the potential is, Which sounds like they have, they won't stop until they are caught.

08-22-2003 10:58 AM

Yeah. Where do you live? Or where is this happening?

swpmwinc 08-22-2003 11:14 AM

Since when is turlock NOR_CAL,wouldn't that be cen-val (central valley) J\K

gizel 08-22-2003 2:20 PM

I live in Tracy and one of my buddies that had his stuff swiped in Disco Bay

kmickey 08-24-2003 10:01 AM

Had my head unit stolen a couple of weeks ago. <BR>Dumbazz - did not take the face plate! <BR>Livermore PD told me I was the 4th one in a week. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kmickey on August 24, 2003)

skerzz 08-24-2003 2:33 PM

My friend had his subs and stereo deck taken one day. They slipped under his cover. The next week they came back for his speakers. All of this was in Livermore.

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