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surf_elf 07-24-2012 5:56 AM

2007 super air nautique 220 team good wake?
Just wondering if this boat has a good wave or not . I have a Enzo fatsack I can add to the factory ballast just like the looks of the options on this boat .

nautiboy614 07-24-2012 6:12 AM

This boat definitely has a good wake & surf wake. I had a SA 220 and loved the wake for both wakeboarding & surfing. This boat loves a little mid-ship weight. (Make sure its got the 1235 Acme prop) To make the best wakeboard weight, Fill all factory full, throw a 400lbs on top of rear factory tanks, Tube sac in the locker & a integrated nose bow sac with another 400 between the walk way to the front add 5 to 7 people and roll. For surfing, do all that except leave the non-surfing side empty......Huge pocket and tons of push in 8ft+ deep water. This is a great handling boat. Only negative is, it can be a little weight sensitive side to side, passengers need to be aware of this and help keep the wake clean. Hope this helps.

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