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mnwakerider 07-23-2012 8:18 PM

Greater Minneapolis Lift Mover
Anybody know a good and cheap boat lift mover? We have the lift at the water but didnt realize that we need a boat to get it to our spot. Need some home town heroes to thow a 4K lift in (It is currently half stuck in the water... can't say I didnt try!)
Hit me back here or directly at johnlbrine at gmail

jeff_mn 07-24-2012 7:53 AM

I found my guy on Craigslist. He only works South Metro so you're SOL up in NW.. I'd give CL a try and see if you can find someone.

I have a buddy who does docks/lifts but he *only* does Minnetonka. I'll see if I can call in a favor. I'll text you if I come up with anything.

We had a steel lift for ours (used for 3 summers, sold to Bryce used for 1 or two summers). It was heavy - we'd just get a lot of dudes (6-8) and walk it where we needed it. PITA for sure.

mnwakerider 07-24-2012 8:13 AM

Yea, PITA for sure. We have about 2-3 of much and there is no chance of walking in it. Just talked with one guy and it sounds like we need a barge for sure. I sent a couple of emails from CL last night.

If anyone has a buddy or someone that they know, I would rather send business their way. Also, any ideas what a cost should/would be? I really have no idea where to start and want to be prepared as to not be ripped off...

jeff_mn 07-24-2012 8:45 AM

Bryce paid to have it pulled out one year. I did as well. No barge was needed. They used a winch from a strong tree and some floats. I think it cost me like $180.

I'll text Elliot and see if he'd make a run up there with his guys. Will text if I get a positive response

brycejb328 07-24-2012 9:13 AM

Hey john. Do you have wheels on your lift. Sounds like you are dealing with a a nasty shore. But with only 1 set of wheels I was able to install / remove my lift completely solo.

Get on the Google machine and type in cpj services, these are the dudes I used. Check their face book, appears they do have a aluminium boat they utilize.

mnwakerider 07-24-2012 9:56 AM

Bryce, I have a set of wheels on it. We used those to get it down to the shore, but the much is knee to waist deep. and the front just sunk going off the shore.

Thanks for the lead I will hit them up. What did they get for putting yours in?

mnwakerider 07-24-2012 10:42 AM

I gave them a shout. Said it would be a couple hundred bucks to set it. Seems like about right for the pricing.

monkey_butt 07-24-2012 10:52 AM

Paid 380 a week ago to get mine in - had no wheels and they brought them ... 2 guys were over for about 5 hrs. ... Was more than u expected first but glad I didn't try myself ...

jeff_mn 07-24-2012 12:14 PM

I paid about 2 bills to have mine out one year. I assume in isn't much different..

mnwakerider 08-01-2012 8:23 AM

Had the boys that Bryce talked about out last week. They got it all setup for $300. Took them a good amount of time and a couple of pallets to get it to stop sinking in the muck, but its done. Boat is high and dry now!

brycejb328 08-01-2012 8:32 AM


Originally Posted by mnwakerider (Post 1772684)
Had the boys that Bryce talked about out last week. They got it all setup for $300. Took them a good amount of time and a couple of pallets to get it to stop sinking in the muck, but its done. Boat is high and dry now!

Dang. Did they bring out a boat to get it in? Are the feet/pads of the lift sinking in now that its in place? Hopefully beings your back in a channel you can just let the lift freeze in!

mnwakerider 08-01-2012 9:11 AM

Yea, had to use the barge and put it in and out a handful of times to get it set right. Boat is fully up and it did not settle too much. I will be keeping an eye on it for sure. I will totally be able to let it freeze in, best part of all of that is it was a one time cost. Thanks for the referral.

jeff_mn 08-02-2012 8:02 AM

Glad to hear you got it dialed John. $300 is nothing since you can freeze it in..

Robbie's Dad just winterizes their MC205 on the lift and stores it there all winter.. Was totally bizarre to see the boat up there winterized.. Never thought of it. You can't work on it during the winter but it frees up garage space and storage fees.

mnwakerider 08-02-2012 8:15 AM

it cracks me up that Robbie's dad does that. I would not take that chance. I have to replace a cable this winter also. It will be super easy to do it when the ice is out. Now I am shopping a electric winch motor and solar system. Lifting a nearly 4K lift takes some serious effort! #1stworldproblems

jeff_mn 08-02-2012 8:27 AM

electric winch is bomb.. totally worth the coin..

invite us up sometime.. I'll bring the fam and take a set..

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