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H2o_addict 07-23-2012 3:48 PM

Surfing Guru Needed for Video Shoot
Hey west coasters- PAVATI is filming a marketing video on our new boat and we need a pro-level surfer to help us get the money shots. Not finding a whole lot of guys in Medford OR so I was hoping to get somebody from the Portland area or even Northern CA. I have a couple wakeboarders lined up but could always use more. If anybody wants to get in on it please give me a shout. chuck@pavatimarine.com is my email. We have a helicopter lined up and the whole deal so it should be pretty cool. Pics or video of the person riding wouldn't hurt. Also- lake suggestions anyone??


packrat 07-23-2012 7:53 PM

Back side of Steamboat Rock behind Steamboat Rock State Park. Obrien used it for some of their promo shots in a couple of magazines a few years back. Lots of flat water assuming the wind hasn't kicked up.

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