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kdeubner92 07-22-2012 7:57 PM

Riding in Virginia
My name is Kyle Deubner, and I'm from Houston, Texas. Currently I'm goin through AIT at Fort Lee for the U.S Army, but looking to do a little riding in about 4 weeks. I'm not familiar with the area at all and dont know if there's any rivers or cable in the area. Really lookin for sumtin within an hour, and dont have a preference ona boat . Being off the board for 12 weeks has been hurting me, and now trying to find some friends to ride with. If anybody has an idea or would like to let me tag along it'd be much appreciated.

Thank You

cwb4me 07-22-2012 8:08 PM

If your at Fort Lee your options within a hour are James River,Chickahominy river and Lake Chesdin on the Appomatox river.

kdeubner92 07-22-2012 8:15 PM

Do u know of anyone that rides on those rivers?

Bumpass1 07-23-2012 5:05 AM

If you are willing to travel a little, you are welcome to come with us. We run o Lake Anna which is about 1 1/2 hours from where you are going to be. Hit me up if interested.

svnfightsvn 07-24-2012 6:15 PM

I ride the chicahominy river pretty frequently. Hit me up if you wanna pull

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