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andrew_moreton 07-21-2012 4:36 PM

Straight Line Sumo Bags
Does anyone use the Straight Line Sumo Bags instead of Fly High Fat Sacs? The are a little cheaper, but wanted to know what people thought of them before purchasing. Do you have to use the Sumo Pump or do they use the same fitting as Fat Sac where you can use the Tsunami pump? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

boardjnky4 07-21-2012 4:53 PM

I use them. You'll need the sumo pump. I've had no issues. The hold water and dont leak. Also, I prefer the link valve to the fat sac quick connect since it doesn't let water out when you pull the pump off.

wakeboardern1 07-21-2012 5:36 PM

What Tom said. They are what I use... Although they're definitely a little more prone to splitting than Fly High stuff. You can patch them real real easy though with just a little vinyl repair stuff, like what you use for air mattresses. Plus I have a tendency to wander off while filling them, so it's really my fault that they have holes in them. Haha.

MrShelley 08-01-2012 3:17 PM

You can use the Sumo pump with Fly High bags, and the Fly High pump with Sumo bags, you'll just need an adapter.

boardjnky4 08-01-2012 5:30 PM

yep, wakemakers carries the adapters, good point

MrShelley 08-03-2012 2:48 PM

FWIW, the Sumo pump comes with this adapter to fill Fly High bags.


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