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gsr21 07-19-2012 7:40 PM

Hello everyone I am new to this fourm and am thinking about getting into wake boarding
I was just wondering if anyone knows of the wakeboard from Canadian tire is any good it is made by body glove and it is called a concept ..I'm about 180 pounds and just want a beginner board
And possibly one that is easy to learn on of anyone can help me would be great thanks

TroyD 07-19-2012 9:47 PM

What kind of boat will you be riding behind?

gsr21 07-19-2012 10:58 PM

just a normal speed boat with 260hp

wakerider111 07-20-2012 1:10 AM

Demo if you can and think about these things bellow.
if you cant demo like myself and many others than you can still consider these things, using your experience up till now and what style of riding you hope to build/emulate

Two big influential characteristics of boards are
1.) Flex pattern/ amount
2.) Rocker type

Flex is still being played around with in board construction and is far easier to understand by actually riding and demoing boards. its kind of a hate it or love it thing especially as the amount of flex increases. they tend to be an all terrain board for boat riding and park riding. some say they land softer. personally i love them as they feel more alive under my feet so to speak.

There are two major families of rocker: Continuous and three-stage. Continuous rocker accentuates a style with a pop providing a more smooth arching trajectory through the air. three-stage accentuates a steeper, more up and down wake to wake jump. Continuous tends to ride faster through the water than three stage. notice i used the word "ACCENTUATE" -- a rider can achieve any type of jump he/she wants to, but a certain rocker type might be more suitable to emphasize or match a particular style.
More and more hybrid rockers are turning up that blend the best of both worlds, so i would recommend a board that has a hybrid rocker of some sort... unless you feel your style swings to a more pure three stage or continuous rocker.

Loose or Locked? This can be controlled a lot with fin depth/size, or even removal of fins. a board with four bolt on fins instead molded-in fins will allow more play in this regard.

wakerider111 07-20-2012 1:17 AM

so in summary answer the following:
Continuous, hybrid, or three-stage rocker? (or describe how you ride/ would like to ride if confused about rocker)
loose or locked in riding?

wakerider111 07-20-2012 1:30 AM

sorry i skipped your question about the body glove concept board. Personally i would recommend something from a brand that specializes in wakeboards (i.e. Ronix, hyperlite, Liquid force, Obrien, CWB, Slingshot etc.). body glove makes wakeboards only at a entry beginner level.

Also you will want to consider a good pair of boots from a reputable brand as well. If you can try on some boots in a store. some prefer a softer boot with more flex to make grabs easier and poking tricks effortless. Others like a stiff and supportive boot to have stronger edges and more control on the water. like rocker, there are lots of boots that are in the middle- not too soft and not too stiff. you can have the best board in the world but you wont enjoy that board if your feet are not comfortable.

get a good wake rope if you don't already have one. it should be made from "dyneema" or "spectra." these ropes have little to no stretch. if you have a common cheap ski rope you will lose energy in your riding. think of a rope as a life line to the boat... literally.

Wiatowski 07-20-2012 11:52 AM

Look on Kijiji for wakeboards and use the "GEAR" section to read up on them to help pick a good board. It is cheaper than buying a board at Canadian tire and you will get decent equipment.

I would look for an:
O'brien Clutch or Hyperlite Motive. Usually lots of them on Kijiji.

Where you located?

gsr21 07-20-2012 1:18 PM

i am located in halifax nova scotia
can someone tell me anything about this board and will it be good for me as a beginner


wakerider111 07-21-2012 2:05 AM


Originally Posted by gsr21 (Post 1769626)
i am located in halifax nova scotia
can someone tell me anything about this board and will it be good for me as a beginner


I would say that board is a step back from the body-glove one posted earlier. yes it is made by a more recognizable brand, but it is very out dated with only sandle straps for the feet.

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