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tings00 07-19-2012 7:38 AM

Lake Mead - Echo Bay
I thought I would try this here since I didnt get any response in the main forum.

I am headed down to lake mead next week. I was hoping to get some advice on beaches and things to see/do. We will be launching at echo bay. I have been a few times but we stay in mesquite and usually just drive down for some solid riding and then head back.
I was hoping to do more of a full day down there and see some sites and setup at a nice beach. I know a lot of the beaches are really rocky so i was hoping someone had some insight on a hidden gem.
We dont want to boat all the way down to Hoover Dam so hopefully some stuff near Echo/Overton. Thanks guys.

ttrigo 07-19-2012 8:20 AM

I was there several years ago on a hb trip. We set up in fire cove. Perfect spot for us. We were protected from the big storms that rolled through on a couple different occassions. The cove was a nice size where we could ride, and not have to deal with our own rollers, or any from the main lake. I believe it was about 10-15 minutes by hb from echo, if you headed out and went left.
Good luck.

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