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polkaking27 07-18-2012 9:42 PM

Sold boat and moved to Omaha
I just moved to Omaha for Dental school and I am looking for some riding buddies. I have owned boats in the past and know the cost to operate. I'm glad to pitch in gas money and whatever else. If you have room for a 3rd, let me know.


WNS 07-18-2012 10:17 PM

Check out Wake-N-Skate Boardhouse. 168th Center in the shops of legacy. or WNSboardhouse.com We will get ya hooked up with someone to ride with. There are hidden gems all around the O. Wake-N-Skate and Wakeboardnebraska.com are putting on our anual contest dubed the "Picnic" July 28th. Come meet th fellow rippers!

polkaking27 07-19-2012 8:59 AM

Thanks for the reply. I'll head out to the "Picnic" next week and hopefully meet some fellow Omaha riders. Haven't ridden since last year, so I'm not sure if participating is the best idea; but then again it may be my only chance to get a pull this year… so we'll see.

WNS 07-20-2012 2:49 PM

You should most definitely sign up to ride. There is 5 different divisons you are sure to fit in one. The event is being pulled by two 2012 Malibu VLX's, advanced and outlaw will be slammed. We try to keep it fairly light hearted so just go out there and have fun. Either way bring a cooler and your party pants and be ready for a good time. I will be announcing, judging and boat driving so if you see a long haird weirdo going 100mph stop me and say hello. Name is T.J.

polkaking27 07-20-2012 7:56 PM

Sounds good, Will do.

Thanks for the heads up

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