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adam4x4 07-18-2012 8:16 AM

Need some board help!
I have been riding a Ronix Crotez and are having a hard time staying rope less. I just seem not to be able to stay in the sweet spot. I thinking that one of my problems is the board is too small for me. I'm 6'2" and 255lbs. My girl friend rides the board fine and she is 5'7" and 140lbs. So here is my question. What boards should I be looking at? The Red Rocket? or something like a soulcraft? Or what else are big guys riding, I saw a post tell a guy about the Walker boards where something to think of to. My girl friend would love me to get a board that both of us could progress on and love to ride. But i do not know if there is a board built like that. I have a MB F21 with a 400lbs in the rear extra right now and are going to get a 1100lbs for the rear some and put the 400 up front. I do not think the my wave is a problem at all.
Thank you all for you help!

slimjim44 07-18-2012 8:48 AM

Being so different in weight, it is highly unlikely you guys will be able to ride the same board. The Walker Project seems to be the leader in big guy boards. I know they have made boards for 350lb + guys. I think Soulcraft has a board that rides up to 250lbs. Inland surfer makes the Swallow which is up to 250lbs and the Red Woody which says 300+. Triple X also makes a 5.4' Nitro, but I'm not sure how heavy it goes to. I haven't ridden the Soulcraft or the 5.4 Nitro (I was able to ride the 5' Triple X), but I have ridden the Walker Project, the Red Woody, and the Swallow. I prefer the Walker Project board over the Swallow because it feels more like a performance board. The Red Woody is really just a cruiser board, not really a performance board. The Walker Project board is also custom so you can get a unique board. The Swallow is not customizable but is a little cheaper and likely a little more durable. I should note that when I say performance, I mean big guy performance, so like slashes. Us bigger folks are not really great at getting airs or 360s like those little skinny kids.

TheSqueakyWheel 07-18-2012 2:12 PM

I agree with the above reply - with a 80lb weight differential I don't think you'll find one board to make both of you happy.

I'm most familiar with the IS boards and I'd steer you towards the Rocket over the Swallow for you. I have both and have several friends over 225#. They crush on the Rocket but all struggle on the Swallow. If you're over on the MB forum, I posted a vid of my 230# friend surfing well on the Rocket behind my MB.

My wife, who is 130# , doesn't like either the rocket or the swallow and finds both too cumbersome edge 2 edge. She surfs either the Flyboy or a Phase 5 Danielo Diamond

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