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ShaneWey 07-17-2012 2:13 PM

Cable Parks with Accommodation?
Whats up everyone??

I'm new to the website so I'm not sure if this is the right place to be looking for advice but does anyone know if there are some cable parks in Germany (or other areas of Europe) with on site accommodation? More importantly, is it possible to find employment at a cable park with accommodation (similar to a snowboard or a surf instructor)?

I'm looking to go to Europe in hopes for employment and travel opportunities. My friend and I are specifically looking at the Munich area but are pretty open to anywhere in Europe. I speak Spanish and he speaks French (we are both native English speakers). Our plan is to find employment at hostels and ski resorts but I would LOVE to work at a cable park too!! We are both extremely open to employment opportunities so if anyone knows of anything, don't hesitate to throw it out there!

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice!! :D

cheesydog 07-17-2012 6:14 PM

hey dude, for Europe I would highly recommend Hipnotics, check it out here


Awesome park and obstacles, really friendly and killer facilities. My mate Jamie Smith has been working there for most of the year and loves it.

Has full accom and living facilities.

If youre not limited to Europe, you should really consider TWP in Thailand. Its only 30 min from the airport and is one of the sickest parks in the world. Also has really good and cheap accom and riding and food. Plus your in Bangkok sooooo if you wanna party youre all set.


ShaneWey 07-18-2012 11:14 AM

Thanks alot!! Ya I've always wanted to hit TWP and I will one of these days. I think we're gonna do Western Europe for a bit then split from there (hopefully to Bangkok or somewhere like Singapore). Hipnotics looks super legit too tho so thanks for the suggestions!!

It's looking more like we will be headed to Bavaria tho so I will have to continue to do research on working and living at cable parks elsewhere, in the meantime. I appreciate your input!

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