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Boost_GSXR 07-16-2012 8:50 PM

how/where do you mount your camera
I was thinking of getting a GoPro or some other kind of camera. I was talking to some people that said the gopro does not have a zoom feature so its not all that great for recording boarding from the boat. what are you guys doing?

da_moose 07-16-2012 8:54 PM

Call Me up ,I sink a FCS plug in for about $50 takes a day

Boost_GSXR 07-17-2012 7:55 AM

not sure what FCS is or where your sinking it but i'll give ya a call and find out

da_moose 07-17-2012 12:22 PM

FCS is a plug I have ,it go"s any where you want it ,Done about a doz. boards ,No Hurry's ,,, No Worry's

Kane 07-17-2012 2:05 PM

Try the new surf kit:


mark197 07-17-2012 3:18 PM

Whats the small white thing in that mount kit?

07-17-2012 3:29 PM

Its like a shock absorber, less play with the mount when that thing is pushed into place. I have lost all of mine though

petrie141 07-17-2012 3:33 PM


Originally Posted by mark197 (Post 1768478)
Whats the small white thing in that mount kit?

I think you're talking about the "nose plug". Once the camera has popped into place on the mount there will be an empty space between the clips. Put the nose plug in that open area. It helps reduce the famous GoPro "click" noise.

benjaminp 07-17-2012 5:32 PM

I've used a rope mount, Google it if you want to see how its made. It produced some awesome pictures. We have also put a monopod down the back of a buddy's vest with the camera shooting straight down, got some really sweet shots from that as well. There are entire websites devoted to different GoPro mounts, I'm sure 5 minutes on Google will give you some great instructionals.

Wiatowski 07-17-2012 9:00 PM

I have a mount on the top of the tower, and use the suction cup on the back of the boat.

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