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typhoon 07-16-2012 7:45 PM

Suggestions for 100 watt rms 6.5" coaxial speakers?
Coaxial or component with tweeter that mounts on grill.

Thank you

murphy_smith 07-17-2012 8:11 AM

I would go with a coaxial style unless you have some exsisting hole from a tweeter that you need to cover.

Wetsounds XS 650 - is dosent really get much better than that for a 6.5" marine, coavilly mounted speaker.

Many of the these speakers nowadays have the croosover attached to the speaker basket and the tweeter mounted coaxially in the grill. WS and JL make an 8 inch component speaker which works weel on the newer MC's and can be a step up on the Offshort boats that need an 8" speaker

typhoon 07-17-2012 8:22 AM

thank you. I figured the wetsounds would be a great choice. i had not thought of the jl. good idea.
any other suggestions?

murphy_smith 07-17-2012 8:32 AM

Everyone is makeing a 6.5" speaker with a coaxial tweeter mount on the grill. WS, JL, Bullett Polk, Memphis, Exile...etc

If you go and listen - that is the best way to make a choice.

I agree with you on the WS - true marine speaker with incredible output and very solid sound.

typhoon 07-17-2012 8:57 AM

Some companies make a separate component with a grill mountable tweeter.

polarbill 07-17-2012 9:18 AM

If I was sticking with 6.5" speakers I would do the JL MX650, M650, Wetsounds XS650 or Exile 6.5" speaker. I guess the Bullets would probably be right there as well.

Truekaotik 07-17-2012 9:21 AM

There are many "true" marine speakers in the market... They are all coaxials as well... It's what you prefer.. Do you want to cut a seperate hole for your tweeter or not, is the real question that should be asked?

typhoon 07-17-2012 9:28 AM

Not really. If I cut it would be for a 6x9. The jl are only 60watts rms
Also I do not have to have marine grade.

typhoon 07-17-2012 9:33 AM

Alpine spr60 thoughts?

david_e_m 07-17-2012 9:42 AM

Don't worry about the JL Audio 60 watt RMS power rating. JL speakers have always been very conservatively rated. We have the JL Audio MX650s on display with 200 watts going to each with the highpass set at 55 Hz. We haven't had one go down yet. When the midbass drivers of various coaxials feature the identical diameter voice coil diameter there is very little that separates the true thermal capacity.
Be careful of some of the marine models of coaxials/components with a good portion of the metal dome exposed. Curious fingers will ruin the fragile dome the first weekend out. The tweeter must be covered with a fine metal mesh.

Earmark Marine

Truekaotik 07-17-2012 9:45 AM

The m650 by JL are rated 75w rms, you looked at the MX series not the M series. you'll want 100 to 125w put to the M series to be perfect... If your putting these 6.5" speakers in a boat, this is one of the times where you WANT marine speakers for sure... The alpine you spoke of will not have a continuos mid like the JL or WS speaker with the grill mount . So a minor offset most won't notice anyways.. but if you've heard them and like them, it's your call brother.... For the price of those, I'd still recommend JL or WS... but again it's your money and preference :)

hatepain 07-17-2012 3:27 PM

The Exile, Bullet and Wet Sound's all sound really good and are big part of the Wakeboard/Wakesurf community so if you can I would support one of them. I have something from all three of them. They all make very nice products and stand behind them like none other. If you have questions you'll likely get an answer from one of the owners of the company either here on WW, by email or on the phone.

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