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kenteck 07-16-2012 4:21 PM

Just when I thought I seen everything
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Now this is sure different….

hatepain 07-16-2012 6:50 PM

Yeah I haven't seem that boat for a while, it use to have Monster stickers on it. The tower design is actually pretty cool minus the fact that its so damn high. Probably needs to be about 2' lower

david_e_m 07-16-2012 7:33 PM

But there is a reason for everything. That boat just happens to be the property of Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

illini88 07-16-2012 8:27 PM

Getting the rope on could be a challenge...

07-16-2012 9:51 PM

I wonder how many birds those two prongs on the front have killed going down the highway

wakerider111 07-16-2012 10:44 PM

that first pic almost looks fake, like someone photoshopped the tower. the tower just POPS on that pic and the boat and background nearly disappear.

SydneyACE 07-17-2012 12:16 PM

It's not too bad... Little "edgy" for my taste. (To sharp, pointy, tribal-tattoo-ey)

I think the reason it looks so tall is because it's on a small (ish) boat.

jaybee 07-17-2012 1:03 PM

I am guessing it is that high cause Kareem is a pretty tall guy if that is really his boat. :)

corbin86 07-17-2012 1:27 PM

11k and this bad boy could be any ones i knew i have seen this boat while looking for boats its for sale over in seattle wa area

hatepain 07-17-2012 4:21 PM

I've seen it in person, its real and its really just tall no matter what boat you put it on.

durty_curt 07-18-2012 3:34 PM

Can you even trailer that thing to the gas station with out worrying that you may take out the Ramada(covering the gas pumps)?

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