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ag04blast 07-16-2012 2:49 PM

Water in ski locker...?!?!?!?
I have a 02 Mobius LSV with factory ballast. It seems like everytime I leave the lake and get back home (I drive home about 20mins with the drain plug out) there is always a significant amount of water in the ski locker. I always make sure to run my bilge before I trailer but it never seems to clear up this water.

There is a small hole that allow water to move from the ski locker to under the engine (where is bilge currently is), which seems like it was designed so this problem wouldnt occur. The problem with the water in there is if I dont go out on the lake for a week or two the ski locker gets nasty and grows algae. I have been using a shop vac to get the water out most of the time but it is a hassle.

I am thinking about plumbing in a "T" to my bilge line and adding a second bilge pump in the ski locker. I was planning on wiring it in with the other bilge pump so they both run at the same time and pump out the same main line. Would this work? Has anyone tried anything like this or have the same issue?

mark197 07-16-2012 3:20 PM

That is pretty common, I have the same boat with the same problem. The locker is slightly lower then the bilge pump so it cannot suck all of it out. Just put a cork in the hole in the rear of the locker. Problem solved.

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