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lseghatch 07-16-2012 2:46 PM

Lower leg pain on hard landings
I've been experiencing pain on the outside of my lower leg from hard landings. Could it be associated with a wide ducked out stance or something else?

07-16-2012 2:47 PM

Play with ur stance. Angle or width. I use to get menuscus pain then i just angled them in a bit and was fine after that.

xclay89x 07-16-2012 10:16 PM

Shin splints! I used to get these all the time. Landing more on edge will help a lot for sure. When I got them I was landing crazy flat. Eventually they just stopped.

e_rock32 07-16-2012 11:22 PM

It sounds like your fibula... I get it too, I also broke my left fibula about 7 years ago when my leg bent over the binding and I have had the pain in both off and on since. They got a lot better when I changed to a continuous rocker board and now I bought different insoles for my new LF bindings. Now if I could just get a boot that goes up 2-3 inches higher like my snowboard boots, that would be great.

lseghatch 07-18-2012 12:31 PM

Thanks guys, I guess I'll mess with my stance a little first and see what happens. I just don't understand why it's happening now when I've been riding this set up for three years. Maybe my boots are just getting worn out and I now have an excuse for a new setup! Pain only lasts the day of though, next day I'm fine and don't feel and residual pain.

westsidarider 07-23-2012 8:36 PM

Ive been getting a pain on my front lower leg just above my ankle on the outside last few weeks. Riding hasnt changed except in finally in my summer groove. Think Im getting old. Gonna hit the chiropractor and see what he has to say. My electronic muscle stimulator seems to help out quite a bit though.

lseghatch 07-24-2012 12:28 PM

I think I've found the culprit and that is landing slightly on my heel side edge instead of neutral.

KLOPSICLE 09-04-2012 5:19 PM

I have the exact same PAIN and the CURE!
My pain is on the outside of just one of my legs. My right. Pain occurs and hard landings with no obvious reason why. I found out how to stop it. I took a childs soccer shin pad and placed it inside a basket ball forearm shooters sleeve to hold it in place. I put the shin pad right where it hurts on the cusp of the boot, half in half out. The shin pad cost $10 and shooter sleeve cost $8. No pain after words. I ride at OWC and there are a few guys at the cable that have cured the same problem. Best of luck!

greg_smith 09-06-2012 3:18 PM

When you say "outside of your leg", are you talking about the outter side of your leg? Or are you talking the shin? And how low are you talking about? Just below the knee? Just above the ankle?

I once had pain like your describing in my lower leg, but it was deep in the muscle, so it was hard to determine where it was exactly. Although it didn't feel like a typical strain/sprain, that's what it ended up being. It was a muscle in the calf called the "gastrocnemius". The only time I got the pain was off the double-up doing roll 2 reverts. So basically big air, and landing switch was what triggered the pain. Every other trick that I did wouldn't hurt. I'm not saying this is what your injury is, but something to consider.

simplej 09-06-2012 3:27 PM

i get shin splints after riding daily...

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