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Vxmine 07-16-2012 10:01 AM

Well, just wanted to give feedback to beginners and people new to the sport like me.

I'm a beginner and just started this year. 40 years old and completely addicted. Fun, challenging, etc.

I started out on a Body Glove Concept board and the standard bindings, which is decent and allowed me to learn the basics. I thought it was going to be good enough for a few years as I progress, but I kept reading (here and other sources) how much better the advanced boards and bindings were. I didn't really believe there was that much difference. Well, I was completely wrong!

Last week I committed and bought a 2012 Ronix Viva 144 and Ronix Cell bindings. What a major difference! It is soooo much better and on the first set I already had more confidence and connection with the water. Stable in the air and handles the type of water we board in.

Thanks to Taylor at M2 Sports in Houston for spending the time with me to figure out the right board and bindings to fit my style and goals.

Lesson: Equipment is everything. If you're committed with the time, spend the extra and be committed with the equipment. Find a shop or fitter to help you find the right setup You will enjoy the sport much more.



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