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dmayhew26 07-15-2012 1:40 PM

Trick Progression
Hey Guys, I am just starting out wakeboarding. I have gotten down the wake jump both heel side and toe side now. I can do a couple slides and 180's on the water and can ride switch a little but not real comfortable with it. My question is what should I work on next? I really want to be able to 180 over the wake but not sure what the easiest way to do this would be? Any other tricks I can work on to help me progress? Thanks for any suggestions.

boardjnky4 07-15-2012 1:54 PM

If you can go w2w on your toe side, then try a TS FS 180. IMO, it's the easiest rotation. HS FS 180 is a really awkward landing.

shredthagnar 07-15-2012 2:50 PM

Just ride switch as much as possible so that when u land the 180 you'll know what it's like to be switch

boardjnky4 07-15-2012 3:40 PM

Oh, and Ollie 180s would be good practice too

cbadchris 07-17-2012 5:37 PM

Heelside 180. Easy and really low impact. Just make sure and land on your toes by moving the handle all the way to your but cheek not just your hip. It forces you to complete the trick and ride away on your toes.

Toeside 180 has consequences if you over rotate and that is easy to do.

irishrider92 07-20-2012 5:13 PM

Get as comfortable as possible riding switch. The next set of tricks you want to learn is grabs and 180s which will serve as a good base to build on. Try a heelside indy for your first grab. For your first 180 I'd recommend a toeside 180. I find they're a little easier to spin and recover from. You want to try learn both 180s pretty soon after each other though. As with all tricks, if you're uncomfortable going wake to wake first try, try the trick 1 wake or even ollie it.

Kerry 08-06-2012 3:51 PM

First learn the ollie 180s for sure. And like a few have said. Since you are a beginner this is THE BEST TIME TO LEARN SWITCH! switch switch switch. It will pay off so much. I actually still take just switch sets. Its really makes you concentrate on the basics. Standing tall, carving etc.

Scott7373 09-11-2012 10:11 AM

I think I speak for all riders when I say, "damn, would have really paid off if I learned this switch thing when I was a beginner"

biomaster 02-11-2013 2:56 AM

I'm still very much learning tricks, but I have found that jumping inside-out off the wake has been the easiest way for me to learn 180s and basic grabs. Ive found TS FS 180 the easiest so far.

Taking it across both wakes does seem to add a whole lot more difficulty into the trick though (well for me atm anyway).

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