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h20king 07-15-2012 10:30 AM

How much did you pay $$$ for your 226
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My wife and I are considering trading in our 08 centurion for a 226. We found one we like in Idaho just wondering what everyone has paid for theirs?? just want to make sure we don't over pay.We don't wakeboard anymore so we are thinking it is time for a more surf specific boat.Here are a couple pics of the one we are considering what would you think is a fair price for it??

wofrankwo 07-15-2012 10:27 PM

Man I Love Orange!! Cool Colors!!

I can't help you with a Fair Price ........ can help with the Popular Price though!! The one we would all like to pay!!

h20king 07-16-2012 4:35 AM

Frank you are color blind.The boat is viper red not orange.It is listed for $74,900 which is MSRP I don't want to insult them by offering to low and I don't want to over pay.Im just looking for a ball park figure on what everyone has paid thanks....................................H

chris4x4gill2 07-16-2012 6:12 AM

Sure looks Orange to me.

Who cares about insulting a seller with an offer? Its a business transaction, offer what you think its worth / want to pay for it and its their option to reject or accept it.

surfdad 07-16-2012 7:05 AM

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That is a gorgeous boat. I'll sell you my '11 with 10K of Exile stereo, the correct prop and custom surf Ballast for $57K and you can buy a car or put in a pool with the savings. :)

lakesurfer 07-16-2012 9:43 AM

H: my offer on any boat is 25-30% off msrp. So my offer would be around +/-$55K. It definitely would not be over $60K. Good luck.

wofrankwo 07-16-2012 9:55 AM

Harold you should call Grant at California Marine Sports before you buy anything and ask him what he can do for you ....... just a call away!!!! It won't hurt and he's as honest a guy you will ever deal with!!

jdjjamesz 07-16-2012 10:07 AM

that boat is nice..

getssum 07-16-2012 10:56 AM

That boat in ID is SOOOOO amazingly overpriced.

Boats are like RV's, they NEVER sell at MSRP unless the dealer is content to sit on them.

I'd say you're looking in the 55k-63k range.

petrey10 07-16-2012 10:58 AM

wow i really love these boats......wish I could afford one

h20king 07-16-2012 11:47 AM

Thanks James but its the wrong colors and is listed on only inboards for 51k as for the one in idaho it has the 6.0l indmar I offered 58k

ReSession 07-16-2012 1:23 PM

I bought a 2011 and had it shipped from Sacramento, CA to Albany, NY in August last year

The dealer gave me a great deal on my trade in (made $3k after owning it for 3 years, so it helped offset some of the shipping charges). It was the dealer's last 2011 model that he wanted to move. He started at $65k with the stock boat & trailer.

Looking at my bill of sale...

Suggested retail price: $72,900
Savings from retail: -$12,900
Purchase Price (includes boat + trailer): $60,000
Customer Added Accessories: $4,023 (4 Bullet tower speakers, 2 Arc Audio Amps, 10" Arc sub installed under driver's side, extra Jabsco ballast pump and steel-reinforced port-side divider board including installation for everything)
Shipping: $2500

The 2012 you're looking at on Dennis Dillon's site (which is designed/hosted by my company!) has:
1. Upgraded Indmar engine (which I believe they want around $4000 for this over the Black Scorpion, not sure you can get the Black Scorpion anymore so they may have bumped up the price
2. upgraded trailer...can't tell if that is the VM 18 or Super Tube with the 20" wheels? Tack on another $2000-$3000 for that upgrade (best guess, others may have a better one here?)
3. heater (unknown cost, didn't get one...guessing $500-750 option?)
4. wind dam ($250 option)
5. Samson mirror ($315)

So if you go from the 'baseline' of $60k, add $3k for the engine bump over last year, plus another $2-3k for the trailer and say $1k for the other add-on's...I'd say getting over $66-$67k starts getting into funky dealer-profit territory!

The link below should also help!!!

SeeDealerCost.com shows you the invoice and MSRP of many boats we all own on this forum! > check out the 2011 Supreme's...unfortunately it doesn't list V226's or any 2012 models but it should give you an idea!


Good luck!

07-16-2012 1:56 PM

^^^thanks for that site!

lakesurfer 07-16-2012 2:51 PM


Originally Posted by LR3w8kbrdr (Post 1768063)
^^^thanks for that site!

I have found that site to be fairly accurate, at least with Centurion's pricing.

sandm01 07-20-2012 4:58 AM


call scott at dd and lowball them. they have had that boat since the boat show in march and it came in prior to that. they ordered 2 and I believe they still have both of them. it's their first year in the boat game and would guess they would make any deal to get a boat out the door. I'm sure brad dillon is watching the boating division very closely and looking for bottom line sales to see if it's a good business to be in.. they have bought up every auction boat they can find in the last 7-8 months just to have some inventory. other dealers here in the valley have enjoyed some of the purchases they have made(08 wakecraft zr6 for 50k used :) )

fwiw, every time I have talked to them, they prefer to sell centurion over supreme, hence the reason it's still siting there...

I can say the trailer is PIMP. the runway lights when it hits the water are major bling...

duffymahoney 07-20-2012 9:15 AM

Is it an Olinger boat? I might be able to go check it out. But since it's brand new that might be a waste of time. Gonna put your switchblade on it?

ReSession 07-20-2012 11:31 AM

This boat is at Dennis Dillon RV in Boise, and they have had/sold Supremes and V226's since last summer (I inquired on a V226 in July last year that was way underpriced and it turned out to be a typo in their system and they jacked it up immediately).

I'm surprised no one else with a V226 has chimed in...there's been 2 recent purchases of them, maybe seek them out and DM them?

Woody 07-20-2012 3:17 PM

My V226 was a demo, so I got a really good price.

H20king, did they respond to your offer?

h20king 07-20-2012 6:20 PM

We are still working out the details but it is looking like they are going to accept my offer. Duffy no blade this time just all ballast

ragboy 07-20-2012 10:07 PM

Well, if it works out for you harold, you are going to have to bring that up here and go surfing with all of us. Kids and all!

Rob17 07-20-2012 10:31 PM

Hello h2oking, we have been out on vacation and away from the electronics world for a bit. Man is that nice.
We too bought a demo 226. Got an honest price from a honest friend! Worked with Grant at Cal Marine Sports. Straight shooter and a service dept second to none. It was a demo at the west coast open. You were there right? Camped right next to ya. (if this is the same Harold) We did pay under 60 and I think your offer is right on. If it doesn't work for ya call Grant. I know he has another in his shop with maybe another on the way.
However it works out I hope ya get one. We love ours. It has so much room I slept on it a couple of nights while we were camping.

h20king 07-21-2012 4:33 AM

Thanks Rob I thought my offer was fair and plan on sticking with it.Its not like we don't have a really nice boat already with more options than the 226 we just don't wakeboard any more and are ready to move to a more surf specific boat. If I can make it work ill bring it to the west coast open next year

dougr 07-21-2012 5:29 AM

every company is different when it comes to costs and deals but i have bought a few boats from repo dealers and had the direct invoice from the dealer and fell out of my chair when i saw the mark up. as much as 45% depending on the company. So i think you can be open minded and save 30% and still let the dealer make some money. My dealer rocks and we always talk about profit and keeping the business open. They focus all there sales on i/o's and pontoons and make most of there profit on service and storage. The sell malibu and centurion and sell about 20 wakeboats a year at best. they are on the lake, so they get gas, etc etc.

dougr 07-21-2012 5:30 AM

you can pick up a new 233, 230, 211 enzo for aprox 60k. maybe even a 244 for low 60's i have a new 244 so I know you can make this fly. good luck

h20king 07-21-2012 8:10 AM

Doug the 211 enzo would be my other choice. The 226 is as big as my storage will fit. if you have a link to any 211's for under 60K please post

lakesurfer 07-21-2012 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by dougr (Post 1769804)
you can pick up a new 233, 230, 211 enzo for aprox 60k. maybe even a 244 for low 60's i have a new 244 so I know you can make this fly. good luck

I know you can get into a 211 and 230+ in the low 60s but I would be shocked if you can get into a 244 for under $70k (and that boat would have basic trailer and no stereo). You could probably get into a 233 in high 60K.

h20king 07-21-2012 12:37 PM

Well we are still shopping DD decided they would rather keep the boat than let it go for 58K so the search continues might just have to order one so I get exactly what I want. Grant sent you guys at CMS an e mail asking for a quote please get back to me

BrianB 07-22-2012 7:47 PM

That red/white v226 might be the best looking one I have ever seen!

majestic 07-22-2012 9:04 PM

Herold- there is one up here in Washington that I see every couple of days that I like and have thought a couple of times about buying. They have had it since the boat show and I know nothing about this dealer.


ReSession 07-23-2012 8:07 AM

Harold, there's a red/white 2012 with the Indmar (no heater and less-blingy of a trailer) @ Semper Speed & Marine if you haven't come across this one yet?


Rob17 07-23-2012 7:37 PM

Harold, they are closed Sun & Mon. Call him, it is worth the time.

wofrankwo 07-23-2012 9:03 PM

Harold I sent you a private message first day you posted!! Did you get it? I left a certain persons cell# for you!!

surfdad 07-24-2012 4:34 AM

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I sure hope you're able to find a V226 within your budget. We really like ours. Extremely versatile wake, easily one of the best for wakesurfing.

This is a short unedited clip of James riding our V226.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cTvGA1piiPw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

mxvet 07-31-2012 8:29 AM

Interested in this boat as well. Jeff - Can you detail your ballast setup used to get this wake? Thanks!

surfdad 07-31-2012 4:07 PM

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Yeah, we like the V226. It's a great wake. Our ballasting is really super simple.

We don't have the factory rear tanks, instead the engine divider was reworked by CMS and the factory and the factory tanks excluded. They also had a custom sac made by flyhi that theorethically holds 1,500 on the port side, but I'd estimate we can get maybe 1,400 pounds in it. It's the same concept as an "Enzo sac", it extends up from the rear locker along the side seat. We also had the batteries moved to allow that custom sac.

So our set up is the custom sac on the port side, the factory center tank which I just checked as being 380 pounds, not sure if that's changed any since our '11, and then just people. In the picture below, the people ballast was my wife Judy and I for a total of 300 pounds. Judy Drives and I sit in the rear surf corner. That's it. Picture is of James wakesurfing a 2' x 2' square of plywood. :)


Center tank 380, at least for our model year
Custom sac port 1,400'ish
People ballast 300'ish

I think that's a total of 2,080 pounds people and water ballast.

scottnorm 08-01-2012 6:56 AM

Man, am i glad i found this website! I'm in exact same position. I have an i/o boat now and want to get the family into the sport of wakesurfing, since it appears to be a safer lower impact watersport. I have been reserarching boats like crazy and have visited all of the dealers here in Dallas. Malibu says they have the best wake surf boat, but so do the Centurion, Tige, Supra and Natique dealers. It is very confusing. Frankly, my research suggests that the Supreme is a great boat with tons of room, but there are no dealers here. So, i would have to order and ship. Two questions:
1. Would this board recommend the Supreme over an Enzo?
2. Are there any boats with stock ballast that would provide a surfable wake?


CarFanatic5 08-01-2012 7:26 AM


I would look at these brands for a surf specific boat, TIge, MB, Supreem

SteveO 08-01-2012 9:32 AM


Last August I boat our supreme from Fun-n-Sun in the Dallas area. Are they no longer a supreme dealer?

TheSqueakyWheel 08-01-2012 10:27 AM

Last year (from memory) the dealer was asking around 65k for a loaded v226. As memory serves me, that included the bigger motor and just about every upgrade possible. Again, from memory, so take it for what it's worth....

motogod77 08-01-2012 10:35 AM

The two2six and the Enzo/Avy both surf great with stock ballast, every boat needs extra weight to be "world class" - Also, the Supreme and the Centurion probably accomplish this better and easier than any other boat.

Fun N Sun is a Supreme Dealer.

you_da_man 08-01-2012 12:09 PM

Fun N Sun in Granbury, Tx had a red/white 226 just about a month ago that sold. They've been a Supreme dealer for approx 3 years. They also are a Sanger dealer if you want to look into the Sanger 237 as a good surf boat.

scottnorm 08-01-2012 12:15 PM

Thanks, Steve, I found found fun n sun. they don't have any in stock, but have some coming. thanks for the info. They assure me that they will match pricing of other dealers. We will see.

It sounds like Supreme is a solid choice. Now, I just need to find one that fits my budget!

drnate 08-01-2012 3:54 PM

Hey, do you guys know if there are any other Supreme Dealers in Texas besides Fun N Sun? (like, further South) On the Supreme website you have to fill out all your info before they will tell you :)

scottnorm 08-02-2012 6:08 AM

yes, see below:
Mike Kirkeby

Alone Star Boating Center


BrianB 08-02-2012 3:07 PM

Supreme dealer in AZ?

motogod77 08-03-2012 8:37 AM

Just an FYI to everybody, we are having a sale this month and I have one Enzo 230 and one v226 available immediately - both under 60 - both very well equipped.

you_da_man 08-03-2012 9:00 AM

Have a link?

ReSession 08-04-2012 3:51 AM


Originally Posted by you_da_man (Post 1773332)
Have a link?

Guessing these are the ones? I'm pretty good at this internet thing ;)

http://www.hillsidemotomarine.com/sh...ils.asp?id=448 > 2013 V226

http://www.hillsidemotomarine.com/sh...ils.asp?id=423 >2012 SV230

Robb471 03-19-2013 9:50 PM

I've been researching boats like crazy and I think we are sold on the V226. Now to find one at a price I can afford. I have no idea about boat costs and am afraid I will overpay. I would like to stay under 60k, but am not sure if that's possible. Any thoughts on what's a fair price based on recent sales?

I have two boys who can't wait to get into wake boarding and surfing. It has been many years since I had a boat, and man has. A lot changed!!

WakeDirt 03-19-2013 10:27 PM

Rob checkout cal marine sport or hillside honda in lakeport

dennish 03-19-2013 10:34 PM

Go down the freeway to Fairfield and talk to Grant at California Marine Sports. Best dealer and service in the area. Also has a great wake surf pro shop.

22vdrive 03-19-2013 10:52 PM

65 Max

surffresh 03-20-2013 5:11 AM


Originally Posted by Woody (Post 1769700)
My V226 was a demo, so I got a really good price.

H20king, did they respond to your offer?

you stole yours Brian

runin90lx 03-20-2013 8:28 AM

scott norman...

go to Tx Mastercraft in ft worth and see Michael. have him give you a demo on a MB B52 23ft. you wont be dissapointed with the service you get at TXMC and the MB is a great boat. here is a pic of my surf wave last year(it was just thrown together bags i borrowed to play around with the wave). i changed some of my ballast up this year and will have pics coming in a few weeks when i get it back out on the water for this season.

motogod77 03-20-2013 8:40 AM

Thanks Wakedirt! Can't wait to get us all out at the Open and shred! - I ordered my demo v226 a week or so back along with another round of Supreme boats for stock.

Rob ~ I do have a loaded up 2013 in stock that I would make somebody a sweet deal on ~ its ready to shred and we offer an optional 3000 + lb Surf Ballast option as well!

Woody 03-20-2013 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by surffresh (Post 1812332)
you stole yours Brian

I know.....I love it.

malibu 03-23-2013 7:09 AM


Originally Posted by h20king (Post 1767642)
My wife and I are considering trading in our 08 centurion for a 226. We found one we like in Idaho just wondering what everyone has paid for theirs?? just want to make sure we don't over pay.We don't wakeboard anymore so we are thinking it is time for a more surf specific boat.Here are a couple pics of the one we are considering what would you think is a fair price for it??

Harold that is a sweet boat, we saw it at the boat show a few weeks ago. Hope you and Sara can find a V226, that would be sweet! We could fill Camp Far West with Supreme's, at the WCO in June. Good luck boat shopping.

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