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wakeworld 08-22-2003 1:03 AM

There is a new association called the World Wake Skate Association that is attempting to become the worldwide sanctioning body for the sport of wakeskating. I haven't been able to get much more info out of them than what's on their website at <a href="http://www.thewwsa.com" target="_blank">http://www.thewwsa.com</a>. What is your opinion?

electricsnow 08-22-2003 6:30 PM

I don't know if this particular association is the right one, but I do think that one is very necessary. Let's face it, wakeboarding and wakeskating are not the same. I think it would be best if wakeskating had their own governing body because wakeskaters have their own outlook for where wakeskating needs to go and this is just one way of taking it there. (via contests and just spreading the word. It's not the only way,but it's one way). Also, this single organization can focus on wakeskating and what the wakeskaters want, rather than the WWA or the AWA trying to have it under their umbrealla and maybe not focusing on it enough, or possibly making their own rules, as opposed to listening to the wakeskaters. <BR> <BR>So, I do think one (a separate governing body) is very necessary, but it's important to have everyone's support before going off and trying to start something like this. And I'm not saying he did that, but he didn't speak to all of the riders that are currently pushing wakeskating.

08-23-2003 3:49 PM

I thought the WWSA was the World WaterSki Association, or something like that.

kristian 08-24-2003 12:17 AM

The waterski one is the IWSF: International WaterSki Federation <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kristian on August 24, 2003)

upupnaway 08-24-2003 9:05 PM

I shall have to save my opinion until we see what they are willing to do for the riders, as well as seeing which pro's will side with them. <BR>Lets face it, This will cost people money to join I am sure, and they have to make a living. Is it a noble cause, or a money grab? <BR>The links were to some pretty terrible sites, and there was no real info to be found. I would be curious to see a mission statement from them, or here the pitch they give to sponsers.

sdboardr99 08-24-2003 9:10 PM

Yeah, you don't become the sanctioning body by just proclaiming it. They will definitely need the support of the top pros and plenty of other riders or they will just disappear. And they'll need leadership and people committed to the cause. There is a lot of hard work to do and little or no payback, and a lot of grief. <BR>

trickskisrock 08-27-2003 3:37 PM

Sanctioning bodies provide two main functions to a sport: <BR>1.) They push for growth and development of the sport, usually by supporting and organizing local events and competitions. <BR>2.) They provide the all too necessary insurance coverage for these events and competitions. <BR> <BR>The truly important aspect here is the insurance. When you participate in any grassroots wakeboarding event, whether AWA/NWL or WWA, you're membership (or guest membership) provide personal injury insurance in case you are hurt in the event. This is the main reason you must have USAWS memberships for AWA/NWL events or AWA memberships for AWA events. This insurance is fairly expensive for the companies to provide causing high membership costs. This insurance is also usually mandated by law to receive permits to hold any of these events. It's already ridiculous that I need to maintain two different memberships depending on which local tournament series I'm attending. Is there really a need to create a third sanctioning body and yet one more membership to maintain. Decreasing the number of members in each sanctioning body only makes life more expensive for all involved. This is all immaterial though if you don't believe in participating in local events/rides and competitions. Then again, though, without events, there would be nothing for this new sanctioning body to sanction. <BR>Just my two cents.

wakeworld 08-28-2003 1:39 AM

I'm wondering how this group proposes to sanction the Wakeskate Worlds. Are they suggesting that wakeskating be removed from the current World Championships (this will actually be the first year of that) and put on separately? Or are they proposing that two different sanctioning bodies are needed for different divisions of the same event? Are they suggesting that the WWA is ignoring the needs of wakeskaters in favor of wakeboarders? <BR> <BR>This whole campaign to drive a wedge between wakeskating and wakeboarding completely baffles me. Somebody let me know what I'm missing!

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