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Squid 07-12-2012 7:18 PM

Squids at Navajo!
Just an FYI, Demo day weekend at Navajo. I'll have the quiver there from 7-13 to 7-20....come see us. Smooth deep water = big R20 Wake for sure...camping on the colorado side just above 2 rivers marina.

boards include:

Lakewake GROM 44
Inland surfer FLYBOY division (James walker).
Tripple X Slayer Pro
Shred Stixx Custom
Liquid Force DOM skim
CWD Ride and Tsunami

Come see WWS pimped out Tige R20 SURF for your self....

RedRum 07-12-2012 7:22 PM

Holy crap, something actually happening at my home lake!

scotthons 07-18-2012 7:54 AM


Originally Posted by RedRum (Post 1767029)
Holy crap, something actually happening at my home lake!

Haha. Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen anything on Navajo except when I make my once a year post in the give a pull section which never gets replied to.

RedRum 07-18-2012 8:09 AM

That's OK, we can keep the lake our little secret and have it all to ourselves, haha

timmyb 07-18-2012 8:39 AM

Seth, did you get a chance to meet up with Allan? If not, you should definitely try to!

RedRum 07-18-2012 9:06 AM

I didn't. I couldn't convince my crew to go to Navajo when they had McPhee on their minds. I'm sure I missed out big time.

Squid 07-19-2012 7:35 AM

Met some wonderful people down on and around Navajo Lake. Some are surfing but more are amazed at what we are doing behind the boat. Even the fisherman had thumbs up when they see Ben wireless....

Anyway, after all the demos and spreading the good word, we have been testing different setups on the R20. moving weight, speed and taps setting around on Wed with Ben surfing and "bam" we found this....


2 more days to go and things are crazy fun! Water is glass, lake is warm and the boat is full of gas.

scotthons 07-19-2012 8:54 AM

Are you sure it was the thumbs up the fishermen were giving? :) I wish I would have seen this thread prior to the 13th and we would have cruised over to that arm of the lake. We tend to stay in the Pine arm most of the time.

RedRum 07-19-2012 11:51 AM

That's an awesome wave you have going there!

Squid 07-19-2012 6:28 PM

fun had today...


jagermeister 07-19-2012 8:17 PM

Nice Dark Side Wake...

BrianB 07-22-2012 8:49 PM

My dad lives 30 minutes from there in Pagosa! I would have planned a trip just to come ride with you guys if I had known sooner!

Great pics!

Squid 07-22-2012 9:44 PM

sorry brain, I'll give more notice next trip!

cdtex14 07-24-2012 2:47 PM

Whats up Allan, It was good talking to you the other day in the parking lot in Pagosa. Hope you didn't have to wait long to leave. ha. Hit me up if you ever make it down around Dallas. Our lakes aren't that pretty to look at but there is some good water to be had. Navajo is now on my list to visit soon!

Squid 07-24-2012 6:32 PM

Back at y a cdtex14...let me know when you come back and we can try to link our dates...Nav will also be an aural trip for us, maybe more.

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