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ncsuuh 07-12-2012 5:01 PM

Tampa Find/Be
Just moved back to Tampa. What happened to everyone that used to post here? It's like a ghost town. I just went down to the Wake Open practice session. All the big boys were there riding- Webb, Derome, Rathy, Errington, D. Smith, Harley, Shane, etc. I've got the itch! Anyone going out this weekend?!

07-12-2012 6:16 PM

Theres a few guys around Tampa on this forum with boats. I'll be at the wake open on saturday but hanging around the jacksons area. You should hit up mccormicks some time though since its here.

I parted with my malibu, so ive been doing cable but then at the same time i'll be lookin at picking up another boat here in a little bit. I couldnt ever find a good solid crew to brin on my boat hich was the main reason i got rid of it. But now im on a private lake here in Tampa.

ncsuuh 07-13-2012 7:06 AM

Yeah I will be at the wake open today and tomorrow. I used to go to McCormicks when it first opened. Only had like two rails and a kicker. Private lake in Tampa?

jaybee 07-13-2012 10:21 AM

There are a few of us left. :)

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