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Tucker_McElroy 07-12-2012 2:50 PM

What is that? For the car guys
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Anyone ever seen one of these before? What is it? Any guesses? Does anyone have one? I'm currently building one for a 1968 Chrysler Imperial...

Tucker_McElroy 07-12-2012 4:25 PM

No one knows? It's obvious that it is a car transmission, but does anyone see anything strange? What kind is it?

shawndoggy 07-12-2012 4:37 PM

It gots a mercedes peace symbol on it.

corerider 07-13-2012 6:43 AM

To me it looks like a manual transmission looking at the bellhousing/throwout bearing sleeve, but that is an automatic trans. I can see some kind of adapter plate between the bellhousing and transmission. Looks to be an aftermarket bellhousing as well. Got anymore pics?

corerider 07-13-2012 8:12 AM

Posted this on a car forum I'm on and came up with this... Might give you more ideas.


didn't they use a setup like that in dirt track racing?
i know i've seen GM 350 turbos used as a manual trans by changing the valve body, using a direct drive for the pump, and using line pressure as a clutch via the kick down cable. maybe this is a similar set up?

Kind of looks like a poor mans Lenco. Drag racers used to run them in the 80's before converter technology came along. Th400 with a clutch was the prefered method.

you can put a clutch on an auto trans......my buddy did it to a c6 and it lasted about 1month at the drag stip......i have no idea of how he did anyof it but it proved to not work...haha

Tucker_McElroy 07-13-2012 8:37 AM

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Then a local drag racer at Pevelyís I-55 Dragway started parting out his Biscayne drag race car during a divorce. Someone else had already bought the engine, and he had a B&M Clutch-Turbo trans setup for sale. The Clutch-Turbo was a 60ís development to get the launch control of a clutch and the absolute shifting reliability of an automatic. It was made by machining off the torque converter housing of a Turbo 400 automatic and replacing the converter with a clutch and bellhousing, using an adapter plate and a custom input shaft that had three fingers driving off the clutch disc that kept the automaticís pump pumping whenever the engine was running. You started the engine with the clutch pedal pushed in and the lever in First, let the clutch out to start moving, then moved to lever to 2 and then 3 at full throttle without touching the clutch pedal again.
That description was taken from another forum after the owner of the transmission told me about it at a class I am taking. I'm building a retro hauler out of a '68 Imperial and am going to try this setup just for fun.

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