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irishrider92 07-12-2012 3:38 PM

ACL Gym Programme Request
Hi guys, been given the all clear to return to the gym and start doing exercises other than resistance bands (finally!). Just looking for any plans people have followed that worked pretty well.

I can't do free weight squats but I've been given the ok for lunges, cleans, step-downs, extensions, 1 leg squats, etc.

jarrod 07-12-2012 3:53 PM

If I were rehabing a knee, I would focus on making that leg independently strong and stable so that it can hold it's own. Step ups are a good start, followed by lunges, with a goal of single leg squats standing on a box. The single leg squat will expose any imblances (adduction or abduction).

jperkinsttu 07-13-2012 4:32 AM

Hamstring is something you want to work on big time. Leg press, leg curl but not to full extension, balance ball/board of some kind. They had me hooked up to resistance bands that were attached a wall pulley system thing and doing basically a football stance start for a few steps and controlled walk backwards. I thought it would be easy but that was one of the hardest ones because of having to really work on stabilizing in reverse. Just don't go too big too soon. Work your way up in small increments and you'll thank yourself in the long run.

07-13-2012 11:45 AM

I rode the exercise bike one legged religiously. Use a rope or something to attach your leg to the peddle if they don't already have straps. It was great for building up strength again- a real burner. I also worked with one of those exercise balls cut in half to work on stabilizing the muscles around the knee. Good luck an d don't get discouraged!

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