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surf_elf 07-11-2012 10:29 PM

2008 wakesetter 247 vs 2007 Enzo 230
What would you buy 2008 wakesetter 247LSV $49900
Or 2007 Enzo 230 $45900, is the wave comparable because I don't think the fit and Finnish are the same. I am willing to add ballast bags to make either better.

lakesurfer 07-12-2012 6:29 AM

I owned a Centurion Avy and now have a 244 and I can tell you this would be an easy decision: 2008 Bu 247. I base this on the fact that the Enzo 230 is nearly $10K to high and the interior will not be nearly as nice as the Bu (note: the newer Centurions have a very nice interior but Pre 2009 Centurions interior was pretty average). The 230 would have to have low hrs, Switch Blade and a nice stereo for it to be around $45K. I am also assuming the Bu has the power wedge.

you can get a very nice wave out of both. The Bu will take more weight.

gwnkids 07-12-2012 9:03 AM

Go BU if you are ever thinking of having anyone ride on the dark side.

surf_elf 07-12-2012 11:50 AM

Does the reg side have a good wave to.

LKASurfing 07-12-2012 1:21 PM

Th problem with the 247 is that you need TONS of weight, read Malibu forum, get a great big wake, but need 3500lbs of ballast to do so, If you war a goofy rider, go with the Malibu, strictly reg footed, then go Enzo and get it a bit cheaper.

you_da_man 07-12-2012 4:52 PM

I don't own a 247 but I remember reading about the gas vent sucking in water on the 247 if loaded really heavy on the side the gas vent is on. Somebody feel free to correct me on this but I'd thought I'd mention it.

surf_elf 07-12-2012 8:41 PM

Where do I find the Malibu forum a great big wake.

you_da_man 07-12-2012 9:06 PM

Stanley (aka: Wheelhouse...I believe his user name is) always has his 247 dialed and it's massive to say the least...unreal.

surf_elf 07-13-2012 6:05 AM

Is he on this site or a Malibu forum.

slimjim44 07-13-2012 8:24 AM

the mailbu forum is themalibucrew.com

constructor 08-28-2012 4:45 PM

If you really want a surf boat the Enzo will be easier to set up, less money to set up and IMO a better wake. Sacs made especially for them makes it easy. Watch Transition Watersports in Fla. they usually have better deals.

Hartj17 08-28-2012 5:37 PM

Go with the BU.... not a fan of the ENZO unless ALL you do is surf. The BU will have an all around better build in MHO

ragboy 08-28-2012 11:46 PM

The only thing I would add about the 247, is Stanley posted that he achieved that huge wake when he got one with the corvette engine 500+ HP. I would want to find out from other 247 owners if the setup you would be buying will handle that weight and wedge to be safe.

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