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petrie141 07-11-2012 6:44 PM

College Wakeboard Championship on CBS Sports
It's on right now!

It's not professional, but it's wakeboarding on tv so I can't complain. Upcoming schedule for re-airing is as follows:

Channel: CBS Sports (direct tv 613)
Today 11p (central)
Fri 7/13 8p (central)
Fri 7/13 11p (central)
Sat 7/14 6p (central)
Sun 7/15 2a (central)
Wed 7/18 6p (central)


wakeboardern1 07-11-2012 7:20 PM

I could literally karate chop jeff right now. His announcing is borderline atrocious. "There's his upside downsie!" "No upside downsers in that run." Just some examples.

VTWakeboard 07-11-2012 8:38 PM

I couldn't hear the announcing but it was fun to watch it all on TV after being there in person.

eccpaint 07-11-2012 9:34 PM

Congrats Jeff! Way to represent! Also nice to see Adam Fields there.

Bolo 07-12-2012 7:35 AM

Great show, I loved finally seeing wakeboarding on tv. I have to agree about the announcing though, it reminded me of the x-games back in the 90's with some of the terms he was using.

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