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Reez 07-10-2012 9:49 AM

Left rear ballast sack in 2005 supra 21v wont drain
All of my bags fill and drain off one pump. The rear left fills fine but will not drain so I've had to use a pump. Also if I leave it over night it seems to drain itself..... I'm assuming there is a leak somewhere but I havent been abe to find it. Any ideas?

OneMoreSet 07-10-2012 9:57 AM

your bags fill with 1 pump but drain with 3 separate pumps. you may have a problem with that drain pump or just with getting it primed. If you can hear the pump running its just a problem getting it primed. try to cycle the pump on/off a few times while under acceleration and that should get it going. if a full bag drains over night you've definetly got a leak on the bag or connection. that might be tied to the the problem as well - if you have a bunch of air getting into the drain line that could be locking the pump from getting prime

tyler97217 07-10-2012 10:10 AM

Check to make sure your drain line is not kinked. Run your pump and apply some pressure (weight by standing on the bag) and see if that gets it going.

MUNS 07-10-2012 10:58 AM

I have the same boat, same year and one of my bags does this ocasionally but it doesn't self drain over night. When it doesn't want to drain I usually mess around with the bag like diggs said, I'll pick it up so all the water is at the hoses and that usually gets it going

rarasaurus 07-10-2012 1:10 PM

As stated one fill and 3 empty. When you turn on the empty on the other ones you should be able to heard the pump. If you cannot hear the pump on the one that does not empty either the fuse is blown or the pump is blown. If you can hear the pump the line is kinked or there is air in the line and jumping on the bag might work.

Reez 07-11-2012 9:51 AM

thanks for the tips!

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