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acurtis_ttu 07-10-2012 7:19 AM

maserati gran turismo
Anyone on here own one currently or in the past? Maserati has a message board I check, but figured I'd ask around here. Iím looking at the GT (not the S), probably a 2009Ögonna use it as a daily driver. Maybe 10k miles a year. You can find certified cars with warranties until 2015. Iíve been told they are very reliable for an exotic car. Iíve ruled out almost everything else. Comparable beemers ( M6) , porcheís ( 911 turbo) and mercdís ( E63AMG, or C63) are just blah to meÖ.they all look the same. the audi R8 and AM vantage are out of my price range. I luv the lines of the maserati.

Raf1985 07-10-2012 8:13 AM

Have you test driven an M6 yet? I would probably go for that over the Maserati but then again I'm a BMW guy and I prefer a car that performs yet isn't flashy.

Mercs are about as cool as R. Kelly's doodoo butter.

The Aston on the other hand is a different story.........

acurtis_ttu 07-10-2012 8:55 AM

I really like the AM DB9...but like I mentioned...a bit out of my prioce range for the year I want.

IMO...BMW has a dated interior and the lines of the car are like every other 6 series....perfomance, yes M6 hands down.

psudy 07-10-2012 10:02 AM

Isn't the E63AMG 600Hp? I was looking at a S65AMG a while back but heard some maint. nightmare stories, so I went with a BMW 750. Love the car so far, but 600 Hp would be a lot of fun!

acurtis_ttu 07-10-2012 1:09 PM

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been watching this one...

07-10-2012 1:30 PM

What do these bad boys run if you dont mind me asking? I see maseratis around here every day.

acurtis_ttu 07-10-2012 1:42 PM

New MSRP is anywhere from high 110's -160 ish. These cars tank in value after a few years...like most exotics. Maserati's are one of the worse.

bbr 07-10-2012 1:55 PM

Nice choice on the Maserati! They are beautiful cars. I'm also a fan of AM. Both are cars you don't see all the time like the BMW or the Merc.

Have you ever looked a the Vantage?

acurtis_ttu 07-10-2012 2:01 PM

Yep, friend bought one a few months ago ( convertible). Awesome car, but more than I want to spend....and it's small. I'll be using this car as a daily driver....the maserati is considerably bigger inside

migs 07-11-2012 10:19 AM

I work on Sandhill road in Palo Alto - Maserattis & AM's are like honda civic's here. I see like 10 of each every day.
Even the 4 door Mas' are REDIK!!!

norcalmalibu 07-11-2012 7:23 PM

True story about sand hill road...I rolled in one day to meet with Sequoia Capital and my Denali looked like a civic compared to what I parked next to in the lot.

acurtis_ttu 07-19-2012 6:26 AM

Just curious if anyone has any experience with Desert Audi in Las Vegas? I'm trying to get something worked out with them on a car. Some of the reviews online are fairly negative.

Raf1985 07-19-2012 7:25 AM

I try not to pay too much attention to online reviews anymore. All it takes is a couple people with a grudge for some reason to ruin a company's reputation. Plus, the only people that actually take the time to post a review are the unhappy ones that want revenge.

nautiquesonly 07-24-2012 6:55 PM

My brothers buddy has one of those. He loves the car but it is very expensive to maintain. He drives 90% highway and only got 30k miles out of the first clutch. The dealer that fixed it said they don't normally even last that long.

acurtis_ttu 07-25-2012 6:30 AM

I'm looking at the auto version ( no clutch), as I'm using it as a daily driver. the car shares the same transmission as BMW. As far as routine maint. from what I've read and talking with service managers for owning the car for 2 years...is an oil change/service ( $500 ish),brakes ( $2k), maybe tires ( $1k) . A Maserati sevice manager said there is alot more german ( reliable) engineering in this model. I was also told motor mounts usually need to be replaced ever 4-6 years ( $800).

I wouldnt' call that cheap, but I wouldn't call that "very expensive". Its actually cheaper than alot of high end mercedes/BMW's.

I think the manual ( F1 gearbox) is what people hear about as being expensive.....4-5k ( clutch) replacement cost.

I'm having a 1 owner 2009 ( 28k mi, black/black, auto) , out of vegas being shipped to me in Texas. Should be here Monday/Tuesday of next week.

I did drive a 2010 M6. Car is crazy fast...probably to much car for me. I was really sold on the styling of the Maserati. Not to mention, I was shockingly surprised at how big the rear seats are in the Maserati. I'm 6'3" and I can fit back there, somewhat comfortably.

acurtis_ttu 07-25-2012 6:32 AM


psudy 07-25-2012 6:53 AM

The best thing you can do is find a good foreign car shop that is NOT a dealership. I found one for my BMW that has all licensed mechanics but is a fraction of the cost of the dealership. Oil changes are $150(dealer was close to $400) every ten K miles. Its, SO FAR, been cheaper than a domestic. Having said that, I need tires soon and the 750 has wide @$$ tires. I got quoted $1800!

acurtis_ttu 07-27-2012 6:06 AM

anyone have suggestions on paint protection? Like 3M clear bra?

brett33 07-27-2012 6:19 AM

I've got the 3m clear bra on my diesel and Lexus suv. It's not cheap, but well worth it in my opinion. Never had any issues with it, or rock chips.

acurtis_ttu 07-27-2012 8:27 AM

I've been told the 3M product starts to yellow after a few yesras and there are better options out there?

Was yours cut to fit the car or was it custom ( a big sheet that is cut with edges wrapped)? My concnern is seeing big lines across the hood, and also wanted the edges wrapped so ther is no outline.

brett33 07-27-2012 8:32 AM

All of mine were cut for the make and model car. My Lex has had it on there for 3 years and it still looks brand new. As far as being visible, it's not bad at all. I would much rather deal with tiny lines that you can barley see, than rock chips on my Masaerati.

acurtis_ttu 07-27-2012 8:39 AM

Looking at various exotic cars...some had clear bra ( not sure what brand) where you couldn't' see the line unless you really stared at the car, other's you could see the line on the hood from 5-10 feet away. I never asked about the brand.

I've heard costs ranging from $500-$1200.

brett33 07-27-2012 8:44 AM

$500 a pop, installed, is what I paid for both of mine. Both are 3 piece (hood and fenders). From 5 feet away it's virtually impossible to see it unless you are looking for it.

acurtis_ttu 07-27-2012 9:13 AM

bett, what color are your cars?

brett33 07-27-2012 10:50 AM

Lex is champagne and the diesel is the same color as that last Mas you posted.

07-31-2012 3:19 PM

I saw this matte blue one out today. Never noticed these things until you put this thread out lol. Ive seen 5-6 in the last 2 days now.


phatboypimp 07-31-2012 5:14 PM


Originally Posted by migs (Post 1766452)
I work on Sandhill road in Palo Alto - Maserattis & AM's are like honda civic's here. I see like 10 of each every day.
Even the 4 door Mas' are REDIK!!!

Migs - you and I are neighbors. I am at 2440 Sand Hill.

migs 07-31-2012 7:59 PM

Phatboypimp - no way!! Rosewood Friday happy hour- lots of lonely cougars with billions over there boy!!!!!! Man if I were single!!!!!!!
We still gotta link up and ride man

07-31-2012 8:31 PM

So what ur saying is I need to visit ur area so I can find myself a cougar and get into a G23?? Lol

acurtis_ttu 08-01-2012 6:24 AM

most people don't know what they are. If you wanna turn heads, for about the same price ,u can get a used gallardo.

acurtis_ttu 08-01-2012 6:30 AM

I'm still waiting on mine. My shipper decided to stop at his house for 4 days to wait around for more cars haul. What should have taken 2-3 days max....is now gonna take about a week. I went thru a shipping broker on this car....the broker has been cool about it ( giving me a partial refund), but never use ELI Transport.

acurtis_ttu 08-02-2012 7:35 AM

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car finally got delivered....shipper showed up about 1 am...hence the tired look...

acurtis_ttu 08-02-2012 7:38 AM

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one more

Raf1985 08-02-2012 10:01 AM

The delivery of a car like that would wake me up no matter what time it is.

brett33 08-02-2012 11:29 AM

^^ Agreed. Looks sick! Black on black?

snyder 08-02-2012 11:52 AM

Were you headed south on the west beltway this morning a few minutes before 9am? If so, you passed me in that thing. If not, someone else in Houston has one just like it.

Very nice. Congrats baller!

acurtis_ttu 08-02-2012 12:52 PM

^^ Not Me. I rarely make it outside the loop these days, lol.

acurtis_ttu 08-08-2012 6:59 AM

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a few more from last week

08-08-2012 7:16 AM

^^^are you at an autozone or car parts place?? If so, what part can you buy there for your maserati:)

wakecumberland 08-08-2012 7:18 AM

Does AutoZone carry alot of Maserati parts? :D

Sick ride man!

acurtis_ttu 08-08-2012 7:30 AM

lol...auto zone... I was looking for a rear wing:)

cleaning stuff...they sell lexol leather cleaner/conditioner and meguires gold class car wash.

08-08-2012 7:35 AM

Thanks for reminding me that I need to break out my lexol again for my own car. Love that stuff

acurtis_ttu 08-08-2012 7:40 AM

For leather, my local detail guy swears by this stuff. He doenst' like lexol...hasnt' used it in over 10 years.


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