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johndoe30o 07-08-2012 9:21 PM

Moomba/ indmar throttle problem
This weekend my 06 outback V with the 325 assault in it started acting up. I am not 100% sure what all was going wrong because my dad was using it while I was working, but the main problem was that the throttle was not responding until pressed to about 50% throttle. Long story short it was in need of a new belt for the alternator. I figured that that must of been causing the problem, maybe from not enough voltage for the electronic fuel injection. After I replaced the belt and cranked the engine it was pulling 14 volts, but still had the throttle problem. I am not sure if it could cause such a problem or not but I have a fuel filter on the way, regardless of that being the cause of the problem or not I have been needing a new one. So unless the fuel filter fixes the throttle I am not sure what the problem could be. My next step is just checking all of the grounds, fusees, etc unless you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

xstarrider 07-08-2012 9:35 PM

Does it have pp? Have y checks the throttle linkage in top of the engine to make sure one of the brass fittings didn't possibly let go.

johndoe30o 07-08-2012 9:53 PM

yeah it has pp

xstarrider 07-08-2012 10:22 PM

Check your servo motor and throttle linkage for sure then. The servo should be right on top. Run the perfect pass diagnostic test. You can get it off their website and make sure the servo is winding and engaging properly.

Does it happen when pp is disengaged as well? If so I am willing to bet you just need to adjust the linkage. Could just be a bad cable tho as well. Sometimes they just expand , crack or fail. Either way hopefully it's a simple cable thing and not computer related thing involving injectors and fuel delivery. It will probably take two people in order to make sure the linkage is all moving correctly while you push the throttle. Also move the linkage by hand to see if it hesitates the same way. If not then u so know its servo/ throttle cable related

I woul start there and then move on to something way above my capabilities involving the computer side

sasky_rider 07-09-2012 1:06 PM

I had the exact same problem on my 05 Mobius LSV, turns out the turn dial on the PP motor was rubbing the water pump hose and got backed off (i think??) , i shut everything off and re-tightened the tension knob and all was good. There was to much slack in the PP line.

hope this helps..


johndoe30o 07-09-2012 6:45 PM

Geoff, that seems to have been the problem thanks for the help.

sasky_rider 07-10-2012 10:12 AM

sweet.... glad i could help... i was pretty confused when it happened to me, but after about 5 minutes of tinkering i found it.


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