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Mjlee1985 07-07-2012 5:55 PM

Need advice on shipping
Looking to get a 05 sante shipped from tx to nc. Also where to get a used trailer for it in nc??

txmxer 07-07-2012 7:05 PM

uship will probably be your best bet, you can research each person that gives you a bid to ship for you.

mro 07-08-2012 8:04 PM

are they able to ship that boat without a trailer?

miljack 07-10-2012 7:50 PM

I looked into shipping a boat from TX to NC, and it was going to be much better to purchase the trailer in TX, and ship it with the boat. Main reason is that most vendors/haulers on Uship don't have inboard trailers, they have standard runabout trailers (no prop guards), best bet is to find one of the guys who are making frequent runs from NC to TX with boats and see what they can do for you on a "back haul."

A guy from the east coast of NC got in touch via Uship and quoted a very competitive rate, and they specialized in boat transport. Just post up what you have and he'll find you.

nitrousbird 07-11-2012 5:05 PM

You might be better off just buying a local trailer and making a weekend trip of it.

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