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corbin86 07-07-2012 12:48 PM

Looking at a 2001 Centurion Need some input
well guys after i picked up a tower and wet sound system for my current boat witch is older i found out that there is dry rot in the engine bay area so it looks like its time to upgrade. there is a guy near by me that his selling his 01 Centurion with 325 hours with the 5.7 with a pro flight tower it dosnt have perfect pass or ballest set ups or a over but dose have a nice tantom axle trailer hes wanting 18,400$ what do you guys think of the price if its in good condition. im deffetly going to take this one to a shop to get a good check over before i buy it after my last boat deal. a few qestions i have about the centurion are

Whats a estimate of remaining life of the hull stored inside in winters and covered in summmer

How many hours will that 5.7merc be trouble free

How much maint. will need to be done on the drive in years to come

thanks guys

kevin 07-07-2012 1:14 PM

What model is the boat you're looking at? I have a 2000 Elite-V with the air warrior package (probably the same tower as the one your looking at has) that we bought a few years ago, it had about 300 hours when we got it and we now have 450 hours on it with no problems just regular maintenance (oil changes, fuel filters, impeller, etc..). The previous owners installed perfect pass so that is nice, they also left the sacs they installed in so we have to sacs in the rear lockers. We're no pros so it throws a big enough boarding wake for us and we can get a decent surf wake as well. If yours is the same model just a year newer it should be exactly the same.

corbin86 07-07-2012 2:15 PM

it is the Elite-V model not sure about the air warrior package. what do you think about the pirce of 18,400

kevin 07-07-2012 3:04 PM

Depending what options it has that might be an ok price. We got a really good deal at the end of the 09 season, I think we paid around 13,500 (way below book value) but I don't remember for sure. I wouldn't expect finding a deal like that everyday, we just got really lucky.

centurion88 07-07-2012 3:12 PM

i picked up my 01 centurion concourse up for 18,900 with 250hrs now 460 3 years ago. these boats seem to hold there price well, here is what we picked up looks the same just a different model but same hull and everything to give you a idea on how they keep the value. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/3111857214.html

corbin86 07-07-2012 3:28 PM

yeah i think for options it is pretty plain maybe since im paying cash ill try and talk him down a bit

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