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stevev210 07-06-2012 9:29 PM

2006 x star ballast ?
Can someone let me know where the overflow lines for the rear hard tanks are located? Pics would be great. i want to hook them to fly highs and then have the fly highs hooked to the overflows. Im open to all suggestions on how to plumb in the sacs but dont want to spend the $ on the flyhigh system. I already have all the bags. Thanks!

snork 07-07-2012 10:13 AM

port side is left of observer seat, look next to hull and and starboard in behind bow seat but you need to remove access panel to dash to see it

stevev210 07-08-2012 9:29 AM

So how did all u Xstar owners plumb in your extra sacs?

snork 07-08-2012 2:56 PM

one way is to take the port vent line directly from the hard tank to the bag then vent the bag back out the port vent outlet ditto for starboard and KGB
purchase the valves from Fly High
some would eliminate the port and starboard hard tank and plumb into bag
buy two or three new pumps with switches and plumb into bags
last one is the preferred way to me

stevev210 07-08-2012 3:40 PM

Thanks Snork, does the KGB only have the one vent/overflow on the starboard side? There's only one through hole on the port passenger side and you said that was the overflow/vent for the port side rear tank.

snork 07-08-2012 7:14 PM

yes, KGB vents on the starboard side

Readyaimfire 07-09-2012 1:05 AM

Pay careful attention to how you plumb the forward sacks. It needs to be one exactly like on the most current wakemakers schematic otherwise the bags won't fill evenly. You can't just daisy chain them off of eachother.

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