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ToPHeR35 07-06-2012 1:02 PM

Gas eroding decals?`
Anyone else have this problem? I've got an 08 X-2 and the gas tank is on the opposite side of the boat launch so I'm having to drag the tanks over the swim platform and set them on the opposite side of the launch to fill the boat. Alot of the time the excess gas falls out and all over the side of the boat. I wash off the excess gas with water, but it seems like the gas still kind of sticks to the boat. I've noticed that some of the decals are already starting to peel off. Don't know what to do now...The decals are like little cut out pieces nothing too wrapped around the boat though...I'm debating just letting them fall off because it's a red top half w/ a black bottom with black accent decals...

Raf1985 07-06-2012 4:37 PM

Gas will erode decals for sure. The only way to stop it is to not spill it.

norwalkbeast 07-06-2012 4:40 PM

Gas is WAY too expensive to be spilling!! And yes it ruins decals quick!

fozz 07-06-2012 10:34 PM

Go buy a shaker shipon... It will keep you from spilling and save your back. Under no circumstances should you allow anything to spill in the lake! At least try to save the protect the lakes we ride and enjoy...

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