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chinexican 07-06-2012 8:06 AM

ski supreme 210 medalist? ? info please
Going to look at a open bow ski supreme medalist any ifo on wake or characteristics of this boat I.e. pieces of crap? Wake? I know its a cheaper version of a mainstream boat but can't find any info on which one

jbird 07-06-2012 2:11 PM

Well, you add a tower and some ballast, and you have a Sky Supreme! I had a '98 Shawn Murray edition Sky (all red), it was a sick boat! Deep inside, deep semi V, rode high on the water, very similiar to a centurion of the day....Same makers I'm pretty sure!

chinexican 07-06-2012 2:38 PM

Thanks it has a tower 500 hrs and I have 700 lbs of fat sacks in the garage already

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